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Aashirvaad Atta, the leading packaged atta brand introduced D2C product called Namma Chakki in Bengaluru

by EzeeProjects01

Aashirvaad Atta, the top packaged atta brand in India, unveiled its latest direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering, ‘Namma Chakki,’ in Bengaluru. True to its name, ‘Namma Chakki’ aims to cater to all the flour requirements of consumers, providing a convenient one-stop solution.

Aashirvaad, has always been a customer-centric brand and is known for bringing newer innovation and experience to consumers. Namma Chakki flour is specially ground, only after an order is placed by a consumer. There are 12 distinct flour varieties made available to suit new-age consumer requirements. Some of the exclusive variants being launched include millet-based flours like 100% Jowar, 100% Ragi flour, Atta with Millets & Quinoa, fortified flour (Fortified with Iron, Folic Acid & Vitamin B12), Atta with high protein & single grain flours like 100% Khapli Atta & 100% MP Lokwan Atta and 100% Chana Dal Besan.

Further, there is paper based and personalised packaging with consumer’s name written on the pack.

Ganesh Sundararaman, SBU chief executive – staples, snacks, and meals, ITC Ltd, said, “Every customer is unique and each one has their own taste, need, preference etc. It is no longer one size fits all. Personalisation is going to be the next growth lever. We are offering consumers with high quality products and products that address their evolving needs. Namma Chakki, is our endeavour to offer personalised quality atta to consumers, leveraging the company’s years of experience and expertise in wheat. We have created a platform where one can directly order their preferred atta and get it delivered at their door-step hassle-free. We are excited and look forward to receiving encouraging consumer franchise”.

Furthermore, the atta will be offered in a unique & innovative paper-based packaging. The brand continues to take strides towards contributing to sustainability, while simultaneously meeting the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers. This initiative is in line with ITC’s Sustainability 2.0 vision which strives to strengthen the company’s multi-dimensional efforts to combat climate change, enable the transition to a net zero economy, work towards ensuring water security for all, restore biodiversity through adoption of nature-based solutions, create an effective circular economy for post-consumer packaging waste and scale up programmes that support sustainable livelihoods.

The brand will offer a wide range of flours including – 100% Sharbati Atta, 100% Khapli Atta, 100% MP Lokwan Atta, 100% Chana Dal Besan, Atta with Methi, Gluten-free Atta, Fortified Atta, Atta with 5 grain Multigrain and other millet-based flours.

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