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Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024: From sustainable sips to premium picks

by Food Drinks Innovation

As we step into 2024, a fresh chapter unfolds for Indian cocktail enthusiasts. Last year was marked by the emergence of innovative spirits boasting unique flavors. This year, the spotlight shifts to AI-driven recommendations and sustainable spirits, among other emerging trends.

Bacardi’s latest Cocktail Trends Report 2024 aptly captures these evolving tastes, offering insights into the changing drinking habits of Indian consumers. It delves into not only what people are drinking, but also how and why. For cocktail connoisseurs and aspiring mixologists alike, here are five key trends to watch out for in 2024.

  1. Turn a new leaf with sustainable spirits: Environmental consciousness has been a growing part of almost every product choice we make in recent years, and in 2023 this grew to include bar orders too. According to the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024, a whopping 94% of consumers are willing to pay more for spirits and drinks that are made sustainably – signaling a consumer-driven green revolution in the alcobev sector. Eliminating single use plastic, using recyclable packaging, and ensuring low carbon footprint operations are some of the trends consumers care most about while purchasing their spirits – ensuring that their good times are also good for the planet.
  1. What makes the ‘gram?: In 2023, social media emerged as a strong influencing factor in shaping cocktail preferences. The Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024 indicates that 42% of respondents prefer to drink cocktails that are visually appealing and suited to social sharing, reflecting a fusion of drinking and digital trends. Vivid colors, unique venues, and flavor blasters emerged as the top triggers that make people take a photo of their cocktails – raising a toast with their friends both in person and on the ‘gram.
  1. Crafted Cocktails for every palette: Fruity, sweet, and spicy emerged as the top flavor preferences for the cocktails of 2023, with classic cocktails like Vodka Soda and Whisky Coke leading the cocktail choices by sheer volume. However, consumers also prioritized the composition of their cocktails – with 49% emphasizing the importance of the drink’s alcohol content, and 44% highlighting the caloric value being a decisive factor.
  1. Making a statement with your sipping selection: As the awareness of mixology culture and the array of cocktail options continues to rise among consumers, drinks have grown into an extension of personal identity. 75% of respondents to the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024 said they were willing to pay more for drinks aligning with their values and persona, making it a part of their personal aesthetic and style. A majority of respondents stated they preferred to drink less but drink better in their cocktail choices, to not only elevate their drinking experience, but also make a statement with more exclusive and upper shelf spirits.
  1. Variety is key for Indian consumers: Indian consumers are showcasing a diverse taste in their choice of cocktails, furthering the trend of experimentation that began in 2022. A survey of the most popular bar orders over 2023 featured a wide variety of flavors and spirits, with classics like the Bloody Mary, Whisky and Coke and Gin & Tonic leading the way, followed by more specific choices like the Mojito, Espresso Martini and Tequila Sunrise. The diversity in the cocktail scene also extends to aspects like mixers and garnishes – cola, club soda and fruit juice emerging as the top mixing choices, and spiced garnishes like ginger and Tabasco sauce being popular among the youngest generation of drinkers.

Additional insights and in-depth data behind these trends can be found in the complete version of the  Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report 2024. This report is created by Bacardi Limited, the world’s largest privately held international spirits company, exploring the key trends set to redefine cocktail culture and the spirits business in 2024. It was created in collaboration with strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory, and draws on insights from Bacardi-led consumer and brand ambassador surveys, interviews with the bar and restaurant trade, and The Future Laboratory’s independent research.

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