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Ball Corporation fuels Del Monte’s sustainable transition to two-piece aluminum beverage cans

by Food Drinks Innovation

World’s leading provider of innovative sustainable aluminium packaging Ball Corporation and Del Monte Foods have joined hands to pledge their commitment to sustainability aligned to Government of India’s ambitious target of achieving net-zero emission by 2070 and reduce the carbon intensity of the economy by 45% by 2030, With support from Ball, Del Monte Foods recently transitioned from using traditional three-piece tin cans for its beverage products to adopting infinitely recyclable two-piece aluminium beverage cans.

Del Monte Foods is a leader in packed food items including canned fruit juices. CEO, Del Monte Foods, Mahesh Kanchan, said, “In recent years, the Indian beverage industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in packaging for juice. This change is much more than catching up with the trend; it mirrors the evolving preferences of the consumers and an increasing environmental consciousness.”

In explaining the rationale behind the shift in beverage packaging, Kanchan mentioned, “The two-piece aluminium beverage cans, composed of a body and an end, possess a lightweight characteristic, whether they are empty or filled with liquid. This attribute indirectly aids in enhancing the fuel efficiency of transport vehicles, subsequently reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, due to their lightweight nature, the manufacturing process requires fewer materials, leading to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, the cans’ inherent quality of being infinitely recyclable makes a substantial contribution to our sustainability efforts.”

The two-piece aluminium beverage cans also provide wider canvas for better visual HD packaging on the can, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Kanchan further emphasized, “Our transition to aluminum cans is motivated by the improved consumer experience they offer, especially for fruit beverages. The contents inside cool down more rapidly, and these cans exhibit greater resistance to corrosion.”

Ball Corporation that supplies the two-piece aluminium cans to Del Monte Foods sees a valid reason for this shift. Manish Joshi, Commercial Director for Asia at Ball Corporation, expressed, “As a prominent producer of aluminum beverage cans, we bear responsibility for sustainability and the reduction of our partners’ carbon footprint. Given the increasing consumer concerns about environmental pollution and the global shift towards a circular economy, many companies are transitioning to aluminum cans. Infinitely recyclable and economically valuable, aluminium packaging is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions available today.”

Aluminium has numerous advantages. Once empty, an aluminium can, bottle or cup can be recycled and back on store shelves in as little as 60 days. Aluminium is a truly circular material, as it can be recycled infinitely into the same type of packaging, minimizing waste, and maintaining its value. Using recycled aluminium saves 95% energy compared to the use of virgin aluminium. Utilizing recycled Aluminium can optimize resource utilization from production to disposal, minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

Joshi added, “Our two-piece aluminum beverage cans provide a wide range of advantages for our partners and consumers due to their user-friendly attributes. These cans allow the customers to have 360 degrees branding, faster cooling, and offer modern appearance. Moreover, their ease of portability and disposal further increases their appeal to the end-users.”

The increasing recognition of cans as a sustainable packaging option is expected to persist, propelled by their recyclability and their effectiveness in maintaining product freshness. This positions cans as not just an environmentally conscious choice but also a remarkably practical solution for a wide range of beverages. Furthermore, the growing consumer preference for sustainable packaging solutions is anticipated to drive this continued expansion.

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