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Danone India launches digital campaign to promote nutrient absorption in children for holistic growth

by Food Drinks Innovation

Danone India launched a digital campaign after the nationwide launch of AptaGrow. According to credible health associations, about 40% of kids under 5 don’t reach their full growth and development potential. Therefore, ensuring effective nutrient absorption is equally important. AptaGrow, which is formulated with prebiotics and other nutrients, plays an essential role in nutrient absorption. In line with this, the two digital films/ DVCs have been thoughtfully curated to focus on the significance of prebiotics in improving nutrient absorption. It emphasizes AptaGrow which is formulated with 37 nutrients including a unique blend of prebiotics that enhances the absorption of essential nutrients, thereby supporting the holistic development of a child, beyond just physical attributes. The campaign will be prominently featured on our owned social media assets.

Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing Director at Danone India, emphasized the evolving lifestyle preferences and challenges impacting children’s growth and development. He highlighted the campaign’s goal of addressing not only physical growth but also emotional and cognitive well-being. According to an independent survey, 69% of mothers expressed concerns about their children’s growth not meeting expectations, with 73% attributing it to poor nutrient absorption.

In addition to the digital campaign, AptaGrow has introduced the Growth Chakra tool to assist parents in monitoring and understanding their child’s comprehensive growth requirements. This tool, endorsed by doctors and validated by feedback from 100 mothers, evaluates aspects like height, weight, immunity, and overall well-being. It provides insights into areas needing improvement and offers personalized diet plans through a WhatsApp bot to address these needs.

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