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Mikkeller signs agreement with Carlsberg: New partnership to strengthen Mikkeller’s sales and distribution

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A new partnership between Mikkeller and Carlsberg is poised to strengthen the distribution of Mikkeller’s beer in Denmark, while Mikkeller will remain dedicated to developing new and innovative concepts, beers and events. Founder and CEO Mikkel Bjergsø maintains the controlling interest in the company and continues on as CEO, while Carlsberg acquires a minority stake in the company.

There is good news for Danish consumers with a penchant for quality beer. Because today, Mikkeller and Carlsberg announce that they have entered into a distribution partnership with the purpose of increasing the availability of Mikkeller’s beer in Denmark. This means that the sophisticated and innovative high-quality beer will reach a much wider audience than it has so far. In relation to this partnership agreement, Carlsberg will acquire 20 percent of Mikkeller, while Founder and CEO Mikkel Bjergsø will maintain the controlling interest and continue in his role of CEO.

At Mikkeller, which has experienced considerable prosperity and international fame for its innovative beer since 2006, they are very pleased with this partnership:

“This is a big day for me personally. When I almost 20 years ago dedicated myself to brewing beer, it was with a great deal of verve and an ambition to give far more people access to high-quality beer. For many years, we have offered our customers quality beer, but we have lacked well-established sales channels. With Carlsberg’s considerable sales apparatus, this partnership offers us an opportunity to reach many more consumers.” says Founder and CEO Mikkel Bjergsø and continues:

“2023 was a really good year for Mikkeller. After some challenging years we managed to get the business and our profitability back on track. Now, with Carlsberg on board as well, our distribution in Denmark will be taken to the next level. I am excited about the coming years, where we are truly ready to put Denmark on the map among the best beer nations worldwide”.

Focus on innovation and new markets
The partnership secures Mikkeller a strong ally able to drive forward the sales and distribution of Mikkeller’s beer in Denmark:

“With this partnership, we are taking a quantum leap on the distribution front. This means that we will be able to reach many more beer enthusiasts across the country. This will give Mikkeller’s team an even better foundation for focusing on developing new and exciting products, and alongside this creating the experiences that distinguish Mikkeller, through collaborations, events, beer festivals, restaurants and bars, while focusing on entering new and existing global markets.” says Mikkel Bjergsø.

“We are very pleased to be entering into this partnership with Mikkeller. Mikkeller is a strong brand, and we will do what we can to help it achieve even more success amongst customers and consumers in Denmark. We have an exciting portfolio of specialty beers, and with this partnership, we will be able to offer customers and consumers even more unique varieties in this category. We are intent on Mikkeller keeping its very particular characteristics while we with our execution apparatus contribute towards growth in the brand.” says CEO of Carlsberg Denmark, Peter Haahr Nielsen.

The partnership will not affect the everyday goings on at Mikkeller, where Mikkel Bjergsø will continue as CEO. Mikkeller aims to continue their success with their own bars and restaurants as well as improving the customer experience and strengthening the brand further. The company will continue to develop dozens of new and innovative beers every year and remains an independent craft brewer globally.

Facts about the partnership between Mikkeller and Carlsberg:

· Mikkel Bjergsø maintains the controlling interest in the company and will continue as CEO of Mikkeller.

· Mikkeller’s bars and restaurants will continue to be operated as previously by the same Mikkeller team – both in Denmark and globally.

· Carlsberg acquires 20 percent of Mikkeller. Carlsberg purchases shares from Orkila, who acquired a part of Mikkeller back in 2016 and remains the company’s second largest shareholder (after Mikkel Bjergsø) following the transaction.

· The agreement will come into effect in the second half of 2024. The partnership has been set up with an eye to increasing Mikkeller’s distribution and sales in Denmark.

· Mikkeller will continue to develop dozens of new beers per year and remains an independent craft brewer globally.

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