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NuNectar Super Vita: Combatting Hidden Hunger in Kids

by Food Drinks Innovation

NuNectar Super Vita is a micronutrient-packed health drink designed for kids. Rigorously tested by an NABL-accredited lab, Super Vita addresses the issue of hidden hunger, a micronutrient deficiency in children highlighted by several research studies over time.

NuNectar Super Vita stands out as a game-changer, boasting 40 essential nutrients crucial for kids’ growth. Unlike many alternatives, it goes beyond the ordinary by eliminating refined sugar, opting instead for natural jaggery, making it a must-have for children aged 4 and above. This delicious health drink not only nourishes but also delights young taste buds with its delicious Swiss Chocolate flavour.

The secret behind Super Vita’s success lies in its three super grains – wheat, barley, and bajra – providing an extra boost of goodness. This health drink is launched at a crucial time, as reports in the public domain highlight that kids in India are at risk of deficiency in vital micronutrients like Vitamins (A, D, E, B), Iron and Zinc. Super Vita aims to combat this ‘hidden hunger’ in kids by delivering significant amounts of essential nutrients.

Formulated to bridge nutritional gaps, Super Vita supports up to 100% of daily vitamin C, 80% of daily calcium and up to 50% of daily iron requirement for kids.

NuNectar Foods is on a mission to redefine nutrition and taste in everyday foods. The founder of NuNectar states, “Regrettably, a majority of popular branded foods available today are laden with unhealthy ingredients, especially concerning children’s growth. In a scenario where diabetes and obesity are on the rise in India, the importance of healthy eating cannot be overstated.”

Super Vita is more than just a health drink; it’s a powerful source of 40 essential nutrients fueling muscle and bone growthbolstering immunity, and supporting brain function and physical energy. With a no-junk approach, Super Vita champions a commitment to health, free from preservatives or artificial colours.

For parents seeking a wholesome choice for their children, NuNectar’s Super Vita emerges as the go-to health drink for a vibrant and nourished lifestyle.

To know more about the health benefits provided by this power-packed health drink, visit https://nunectar.in/

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