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Pansari Group Launches TVOY GREEN TEA at AAHAR 2024

by Food Drinks Innovation

Pansari Group, India’s most trusted FMCG brand is now set to dazzle the audience with its launch of TVOY GREEN TEA at AAHAR 2024. Recently, the brand launched its new tea range, Pansari Chai which comes in four distinct flavours each of which offers an exquisite tea-drinking experience. After receiving a great response from their customers for Pansari Chai the team thought of bringing their green tea range to the market as well.

The brand is now set to venture into the world of exquisite green tea sourced from the prestigious Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, South India. The TVOY GREEN TEA is grown in one of the top-tier tea estates which is located at an elevation of 1900 meters above MSL. Set by natural forests and crystal-clear streams, this eco-friendly sanctuary provides the ideal setting for responsible tea farming.

Shammi Agarwal, the director of Pansari Group expresses his enthusiasm about the launch by commenting, “The launch of TVOY GREEN TEA is not just about launching a product but about embracing a lifestyle. In a time when health-consciousness is on the rise, TVOY offers a blend of tradition and wellness. The different flavours of this product include Classic green tea,chamomile and Kahwa  green tea. Currently, no major players are in the green tea market, so I think it is the perfect time to enter the market. We are excited about the journey ahead and believe that TVOY GREEN TEA will become a symbol of health and indulgence for our consumers.” 

Additionally, this product of Pansari is ISO 9001 2008 certified, HACCP 2006 certified and Fair Trade Certified by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization. The TVOY GREEN TEA comes in Pyramid Tea Bag Filter Packaging that is biodegradable, complete with string and paper tag. This sustainable packaging underscores Pansari Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Unlike conventional plastic packaging, the biodegradable packaging used for TVOY GREEN TEA is made from materials with a weak molecular structure, ensuring quick and eco-friendly disintegration. In addition, the pricing of TYVOY GREEN TEA will be competitive, and it will be readily available at the nearest retail outlets and through e-commerce platforms.

AAHAR is a Food & Hospitality fair which has grown by leaps & bounds in recent years and the 38th edition of the fair is predicted to draw a larger crowd this year than in previous years. This 5-day expo will be held from March 7 to March 11, 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. All the leading brands will be showcasing their products and among these top brands, Pansari Group will present its different flavours of green tea at Hall No. 5G and Stall No. 5G-17-A, B, E. 

Pansari Group invites everyone to experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation with TVOY GREEN TEA at AAHAR 2024.

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