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PepsiCo India introduces Pepsi Black bottles crafted entirely from 100 Percent recycled plastic

by EzeeProjects01

PepsiCo India, a prominent global consumer packaged goods company, has reaffirmed its dedication to sustainability and plastic circularity with the introduction of India’s first 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottles in the Carbonated Beverage category, featuring Pepsi Black (excluding label and cap). This launch represents a significant step in PepsiCo India’s mission to establish a positive value chain within a circular and inclusive economy, ensuring that packaging never becomes waste.

George Kovoor, Senior Vice President of Beverages and Sustainability at PepsiCo India, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are pleased with the government’s efforts to promote a circular economy in India. We take pride in introducing the 100% rPET bottles for Pepsi Black. This milestone is crucial in our sustainability journey as we strive to create a positive value chain. It marks another important step towards our goal, and we will continue to learn and evolve, expanding the use of recycled content in our packaging.”

The Pepsi Black rPET bottles, produced in India through a partnership with Srichakra Polyplast (India) Private Limited and bottling partner Varun Beverages, are crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic. Aligned with its “Winning with pep+” philosophy, PepsiCo India acknowledges the significance of comprehensive efforts to reduce, recycle, and reinvent its packaging. The company is committed to developing innovative solutions, minimizing its carbon footprint, and embracing sustainable practices like reuse and refill. These initiatives aim to inspire consumers while remaining true to PepsiCo India’s long-term environmental protection commitments.

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