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Rajdhani Besan Expands Product Portfolio with New Healthy Breakfast and Snacking Range

by EzeeProjects01

After ruling the Indian household with Rajdhani Besan the flagship product of Rajdhani Foods, the company is diversifying and enhancing its product portfolio, by further foraying into healthy breakfast cereals and snacks.

This expansion is aimed at catering to the evolving demands of its consumers, who are adapting towards changed habits of picking on easy and convenient healthy snacking, to maintain their physical health in this fast-paced life, especially in the post-pandemic times. The company Rajdhani Foods is known for its trusted products like Rajdhani Besan, Sattu, and Chana dal.

As a part of this move, Rajdhani Foods has rolled out a wide variety of options under its new category to offer solutions for people of all ages. The new category includes two segments- Healthy Breakfast and Snacking. The healthy breakfast range includes low-cholesterol Corn flakes, trans-fat-free Choco flakes, and fiber-rich Instant Oats. Roasted chana, protein-rich Makhana, and bleach-free, non-sticky Sabudana are under the healthy snacking range. The key highlight of all Rajdhani products is that it uses only fresh and hand-picked ingredients, packed and processed in the most hygienic conditions with advanced equipment to ensure no impurity is left behind.

Chetan Jain, Director of Rajdhani Foods said, “We noticed that after COVID, the need for a nutritious breakfast is rising as people become more aware of the consequences of an unhealthy diet. However, a considerable number of people skip breakfast as their fast-paced lives do not allow them the luxury of spending time cooking a balanced meal to begin their day with. Our chemical-free and sortex-cleaned range of nutritious and fiber-packed breakfast and snack items thus has a large value proposition on account of being easy to eat. While the breakfast cereals require only a couple of minutes to prepare, the snacks can be eaten on the go.”

As a part of its expansion plans, Rajdhani Foods has announced that it will roll out the products and make them available in the market in a phased manner. In the first phase, the products will be available in the Delhi/NCR area and other top metros in northern India. Thereafter, the range will be expanded to over Tier ll cities and will be made available, even in the smallest general stores, in the next few years. All products are available at an affordable price range starting from Rs 99/- only.

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