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Reflecting on Culinary Trends: Godrej Food Trends Report 2023 in Retrospect

by Food Drinks Innovation

In the year 2023 Godrej Food Trends Report laid down the top trends that enticed the entire nation towards a journey of self-love through food. The Report was put together by a consortium of 350+ culinary luminaries, including celebrity chefs, home cooks, bloggers, and healthcare experts, who predicted and shaped the sustainable and mindful culinary trends that coloured our plates and palates.

From Predictions to Reality, let’s look back on 2023:

Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Nourishing Body and Soul

Industry experts reported that a remarkable 60% surge was witnessed in the farm-to-table restaurant concept, that fostered a deeper connection between consumers and their food. Restaurant such as The Banyan Tree Café in Mumbai, Elina Vara in Delhi and Farmlore in Bangalore are a few examples of the ever-changing dynamic of farm to table restaurants. These restaurants exemplify the idea of cooking with sustainable organic ingredients without compromising on taste.

Sweet Indulgences without Guilt

Sweets have always been a favourite to the typical Indian household as it was the third most ordered dish nationally. Yet 2023 presented a unique change as desserts with healthier claims became increasingly popular, endorsed by a substantial 69% of experts. Sweets such as Mishti Doi, Kheer, Phirni and Halwa providing a protein packed punch for the average Indian sweet tooth.

The Evolution of Ice Cream: Clean, Dairy-Free, and Delicious

Ice cream, a perennial favourite indulgence, has also undergone a transformation towards health-consciousness. With 75% of experts noting a rising demand for dairy-free and vegan options, the market has seen a shift as consumers move beyond the flavour and towards the ingredients of a guilt free treat. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai saw an increased demand for such healthy vegan ice creams as the urban population adopts a mindful, nutritious mindset towards food.  

Wellness in Every Sip

In the wake of global health concerns, consumers are prioritizing immunity and functional health-boosting beverages, with a notable 56% of experts acknowledging their popularity. From herbal teas to probiotic-rich kombuchas, consumers are embracing beverages that not only quench thirst but also nourish their bodies with vitamins, antioxidants, and immune-boosting ingredients.

“As we bid farewell to the culinary landscape of 2023, it’s evident that consumers are no longer merely seeking sustenance; they’re on a quest for mindful nourishment,” observes Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Managing Director of Perfect Bite Consulting and Curating Editor of the annual Godrej Foods Trends. “From the resurgence of farm-to-table dining to the flourishing array of plant-based alternatives and guilt-free desserts, each trend of 2023 reflected a conscious choice towards holistic wellness. Now with the much-awaited launch of the Godrej Food Trend Report 2024, we can look forward to new trends that will take these conversations around sustainable and enlightened approaches to food consumption further.”

Godrej Food Trends Report 2023 is available for download at www.vikhrolicucina.com

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