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Soar Into Sankranti – A Resounding Success at Simpli Namdhari’s in Bangalore!

by Food Drinks Innovation

Simpli Namdhari’s in Bangalore celebrated a triumphant conclusion to its “Soar Into Sankranti: Kids’ Kite Making and Pot Painting Festival,” marking an exceptional day filled with creativity, joy, and familial connections. The event successfully brought together 67 children aged 5-12, transforming Simpli Namdhari’s store into a lively hub where young minds immersed themselves in the art of kite making, crafting unique masterpieces destined to be cherished as enduring memories.

The festival boasted record-breaking participation, with 67 children actively engaging in the festivities, showcasing their creativity and infectious enthusiasm for Sankranti celebrations. The atmosphere resonated with unbridled joy as children revelled in the kite-making process, relishing every moment of the activity and creating an ambience filled with laughter, excitement, and the sheer delight of crafting something special.

Parental testimonials echoed the success of the event, with one thrilled parent expressing, “We really enjoyed the activity today; it gave us our family time together. It was a complete Sankranti vibes experience.” Adding an extra layer of excitement, each participant received special goodies and surprises, enhancing the overall memorable experience of the festival.

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