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The New Strawberry Flavour Ice cream by Naturals!

by Food Drinks Innovation

A Scoop of Mahabaleshwar now at a Naturals Ice Cream Outlet Near You

A special addition to the frosty season, Naturals is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest seasonal flavour – the Original Strawberry Ice Cream. It is set to hit the shelves on 1st December 2023 and will remain available for an indulgent duration of 90 days; offering a joyful blend of freshness and velvety-smooth sweetness. Crafted with the finest ingredients, Naturals’ Strawberry Ice Cream is a luscious combination of pure milk and ripe strawberries from the farms of Mahabaleshwar. Each scoop of this dreamy ice cream captures the essence of hand picked strawberries, delivering a creamy, velvety texture that is sure to delight all ice cream enthusiasts. 

Whether enjoyed in a cone or a cup, this new flavour is bound to become everyone’s favourite. And its pink hue is no less than a cherry on top of a cake. Moreover, the strawberries are handpicked from the extensive farms of Mahabaleshwar, and only the best of the best are chosen to make this toothsome ice cream. Naturals’ Strawberry Ice Cream promises to be a nostalgic element in your winter celebrations. Naturals’ commitment to quality and innovation strictly ensures that each scoop brings together the richness of milk and tangy strawberries in perfect harmony.

Make sure not to miss out on this seasonal treat, and relish the flavours of winter in every spoonful, before it melts away. Ding, ding, ding, it’s time to visit your nearest Naturals’ store, right away.

What: Naturals Strawberry Ice Cream
When: Available for 90 days starting December 1, 2023
Where: Pan-India Naturals outlets

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