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Wonderland Foods Is Redefining Healthy Snacking!

by Food Drinks Innovation

Welcome to the realm of gourmet pleasures! Wonderland Foods, the reigning star in the dry fruits industry, is all set to revolutionise your snacking experience with its delightful creations. 

The tale of Wonderland Foods begins with the Gupta family’s legacy rooted in Sun Organic Global Group, established in 1983 by the visionary Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta. Fast forward to 2014, and his son, the ingenious Mr. Anubhav Gupta, embarked on a mission to bring healthier snacking options to the nation. Thus, Wonderland Foods was born with a vision to source and serve handpicked premium-quality dry fruits and a whimsical array of new products that cater to the evolving tastes of health-conscious connoisseurs.

Under the leadership of Mr. Anubhav Gupta, Wonderland Foods has risen to spectacular heights. From humble beginnings with a small team of four, the company’s growth trajectory has been incredibly impressive, achieving over 250 times revenue growth in just nine years. Today, Wonderland Foods stands tall as one of India’s fastest-growing dry fruits brands, impressing people in every state and adorning the shelves of renowned retail chains like Reliance, Walmart, DMART, and more.

Wonderland Foods holds the key to a treasure trove of millennial-approved snacking wonders! Behold their unique offerings – Coconut & Jaggery flavoured walnuts, Sriracha and Peri Peri flavoured Makhanas, and many more – each one made keeping in mind health, taste, and complete satisfaction!

Beyond snacking, Wonderland Foods has reimagined the gifting realm with exquisitely designed gift packs that exude charm and affordability. Earning a coveted place as the official gifting partner for esteemed MNCs like Google, GE, and JCB, the brand has also been honoured to serve the Indian Army Canteens and Central Police Canteens. Such trust is a testament to the high quality products that Wonderland Foods offers to the Indian Market. 

As they traverse uncharted territories, the company is expanding their offerings to multigrain puffs, nut butters, healthy bars, muesli, granola, and a luxurious range of exotic nuts and mixes called Wonderland Grandeur. The brand’s vision for the upcoming years is to be present in every kirana shop in every city nationwide with their exquisite delights!

Step into a wonderland of taste and health, where premium quality meets boundless innovation and every bite transports you to a magical world of nutty delights!

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