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SIG showcases its sustainable SIG Terra portfolio and extends its aseptic technology platform to spouted pouches

by Food Drinks Innovation

In line with its guiding theme ‘Forward. for better’ during this year’s ANUGA FoodTec, SIG is presenting two of its front-running innovations: SIG Terra, the portfolio of SIG’s most sustainable packaging solutions; plus SIG Prime 55 In-Line Aseptic – the new pre-made aseptic spouted pouch filling machine with in-line sterilization technology.

ANUGA FoodTec takes place from 19 to 22 March 2024 in Cologne (Germany), close to one of the company’s main production and R&D sites in Linnich. It will be attended by industry leaders from all over the world, who can experience SIG’s innovative strengths and meet the next big development in aseptic packaging at the SIG Lounge at the ANUGA Congress Center. Visitors can also experience an SIG Tour at the SIG Campus in Linnich. The exciting mix of tradeshow activity and a tour at one of SIG’s key sites, provides visitors with an exclusive chance to discover SIG’s portfolios and learn about SIG’s entire value chain – from packaging material development, to packaging production and filling machine operation.

Norman Gierow, Director Global Customer Marketing & Positioning at SIG: “Decarbonizing the food and beverage industry and bringing products to consumers in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way is more important than ever. We are here to help manufacturers with highly efficient products and technology – we’re excited to meet them in person at the show and to demonstrate our latest innovations.”

Moving “Forward. for better”, these two highlights will be a focus in the SIG Lounge at ANUGA FoodTec and at SIG’s production site in Linnich:

  • SIG Terra portfolio: SIG’s most sustainable packaging material innovations that can be easily integrated into all SIG systems, across all packaging types. Featuring the new full barrier aseptic carton packaging material with no aluminum layer, SIG Terra Alu-free + Full barrier is a simple yet powerful differentiator and embodiment of sustainability in aseptic carton packaging for an increasing number of product categories, for example for use with sensitive products such as fruit juices, flavored milk, and plant-based beverages. This is because even though aluminum makes up only about 5% of a standard aseptic carton, it accounts for around 25% of the packaging’s carbon footprint in a full-barrier package. Taking the aluminum layer out of the equation significantly reduces the carbon footprint.
  • SIG Prime 55 In-Line Aseptic: the new aseptic pre-made spouted pouch filling machine with integrated sterilization technology (in-line sterilization). It offers technological progress, achieved by extending SIG’s aseptic filling technology with in-line sterilization, which has been successfully in use for decades in the field of carton packs, to spouted pouches. It features in-line pouch sterilization, removing the need for third-party pre-sterilization of spouted pouches. The resulting system reduces supply chain complexity and improves the total cost of ownership to aseptically fill products into spouted pouches. Aseptically packaged food and beverages retain their high quality and can be stored for a long period without refrigeration or preservatives. This means contributing to safer nutrition for many people around the world and at the same time provide access to new product categories aseptically packed in spouted pouches.

Christoph Wegener, Chief Markets Officer at SIG: “By presenting our step-change industry innovations, we highlight our passion for sustainable aseptic packaging and filling solutions. In doing so, we cater for today’s industry needs for sustainable, safe, and affordable packaging. This is the industry’s chance to get closer to our technology, rethink packaging and meet the next big development in aseptic systems. With the new pre-made aseptic spouted pouch filling machine with in-line pouch sterilization, we offer manufacturers less complexity in the production process. Products aseptically packaged in spouted pouches are of high quality, provide safely protected nutrients, and have a long shelf life without refrigeration or preservatives. Our continuous efforts to simplify packaging materials, utilize renewable materials, increase circularity, and take full advantage of its technical strengths and core competencies, ensures SIG’s next generation packaging and technology leads the way for food and beverage manufacturers. Together we can move “Forward. for better” at ANUGA FoodTec and beyond.”

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