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Hotelogix and KePSLA join hands to help hotels with efficient guest feedback collection and management

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Hotelogix, a globally leading cloud-based hospitality technology provider, has announced the integration of its Hotel PMS with KePSLA, an online reputation management platform. This strategic integration aims to revolutionize how hotels collect, manage, and leverage guest feedback to understand their sentiment, identify areas of improvement to act accordingly, ultimately leading to enhanced reputation, more sales and revenue.

Headquartered in Bangalore, KePSLA harnesses the power of predictive analytics to empower hotels with deep insights into their guests’ needs, enabling them to craft distinctive product offerings. The platform provides instant access to analytics on travel trends and guest behavior and sentiment. 4000+ customers in over 50 countries, including NASDAQ-listed hospitality brands have seen their ratings and ADR grow dramatically within 4 months of working with KePSLA.

Following the integration, the Hotelogix PMS will immediately notify KePSLA of all guest actions, from booking to check-outs. Subsequently, KePSLA will send various formats of guest communications – emails, WhatsApp, or SMS as triggered by the hotel to their guest. Upon the guests’ participation and completion of these communications, their feedback will be displayed on KePSLA’s dashboard and shared with the hotel in real- time, allowing them to take appropriate action. This KePSLA solution allows hotels to aggregate guest feedback in a centralized location, effectively monitoring, managing, and responding to guest reviews and ratings.

“Our partnership with KePSLA addresses a critical need within the hospitality industry for a more proactive approach to managing guest feedback and improving reputation,” said Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix. “By automating the collection and analysis of guest reviews, hotels can identify areas of improvement to meet and exceed guest expectations, leading to improved brand reputation, more sales and revenue.”

With KePSLA’s AI and ML powered guest intelligence system, hotels get to know the ultimate truth about what guests think about their services. It allows them to identify their strengths, areas of improvement, competition analysis and take corrective measures. With real-time review monitoring, notification features and ability to reply to all reviews using an automated LLM solution, hoteliers can promptly respond to feedback, leveraging positive reviews for marketing purposes while effectively managing negative comments. Additionally, it enables hotels to showcase positive surveys directly on their websites and share them on social media platforms, boosting their online reputation.

“Hotelogix and KePSLA have joined forces to enhance hotels’ guest feedback collection and management. By integrating Hotelogix’s Hotel Property Management System with KePSLA’s online reputation management platform, hotel chains like ours can now efficiently collect, manage, and leverage guest feedback, added Vibhas Prasad, Director, Leisure Hotels Group, one of the early clients of their integrated platform. “This strategic collaboration aims to understand guest sentiment, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance reputation, sales, and revenue. This centralized solution enables hotels to effectively monitor, manage, and respond to guest reviews and ratings,” Vibhas further stated.

Echoing the same sentiment, Deepak Mavinkurve, Founder & CEO of KePSLA, said, “We are excited to partner with Hotelogix and integrate our Feedback Management System (FMS) with their robust Hotel PMS. Together, we will empower hotels to listen to and engage with their guests across their journey, meaningfully, fostering positive guest experience and enhanced reputation.”

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