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A symphony of flavors: Anand Sweets showcases an array of vegan mithai’s this Veganuary 

by Food Drinks Innovation

This Veganuary, Anand Sweets, South India’s most beloved Mithai destination, is showcasing a delightful array of their famous mithais that are Vegan. The Veganuary movement encourages individuals worldwide to try a vegan diet for the month of January, aiming to create a global mass-movement championing compassionate food choices for protecting the planet. Anand Sweets has been crafting delights that are inherently dairy-free and have been a part of their legacy since their inception, silently pioneering vegan mithais long before “vegan” became a culinary trend. Expect decadence in every bite. One can choose from Badam Burfi, Ompudi, Kaju rolls, Pista Launj, and more, whether seeking indulgence for yourself or the perfect gift for loved ones, Anand Sweets has something to tantalize every taste bud. Traditionally, Indian mithai’s are synonymous with milk and ghee.

At Anand, the dairy-free Mithai’s have been hiding in plain sight since their conception. The Badam Burfi stands as a timeless favourite, offering a rich almond and nutty delight that has been cherished for generations. Revel in the fusion of flavours with the Badam Pista Roll, where almonds and pistachios come together in perfect harmony, rolled into perfection. Experience the pure richness of cashews with the Kaju Patties, with each bite crafted to perfection. The Kaju Tokari combines crunchiness with melt-in-your-mouth goodness while the classic Kaju Roll puts cashews in the spotlight, offering a variety of textures. Elevate your celebrations with the regal Badam Pista Navratan, a blend of almonds and pistachios fit for special occasions or a post meal pick me up. Find the goodness of pistachios with the Pista Launj, or opt for the visually stunning Pista Rose Triangle, where pistachios meet floral notes in a treat that’s equally delicious. And for a delightful tea-time experience, savour the Almond-infused Badam Biscuit, redefining the joy of snacking. At Anand Sweets, our naturally vegan nutty creations promise a culinary journey that transcends generations, celebrating the timeless appeal of these classic treats.

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