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Anand Sweets Launches Its First Store at Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2

by Food Drinks Innovation

Anand Sweets, South India’s most beloved Mithai destination, unveils its latest store at Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 on 12th September 2023. With a brand legacy of 34 years serving sweet delightful moments, this new establishment boasts exciting offerings to international travellers including a first-of-its-kind Artisanal Mithai Bar, a wide range of regional Mithai gifts enhanced with augmented reality packaging, indulgences from across India, a live Mysore Pak Station, and many other enticing features. In addition to seamlessly showcasing art, culture, and technology representing India on a global scale, the store effortlessly integrates sustainability to perfectly align with the airport’s design philosophy.

With an area of 550 square feet, the new outlet showcases sensorial shopping experiences and delectable encounters. What sets the new store apart from all other Anand Sweets outlets is the introduction of the Artisanal Mithai Bar, a unique and elevated concept that provides a personalized shopping experience. Visitors have the opportunity to handpick their favourite Mithai, select custom gift wrapping, and even add a personalized gift message, making it a truly distinctive offering. Travellers are presented with a handpicked selection of contemporary Mithai choices, including delights like Hazelnut Nutella Melange, Almond Butterscotch Rocher, Hazelnut Coin, and Baked Almond Coconut. Additionally, there will be a unique live Mysore Pak station that promises to captivate travellers with both a visual spectacle and a tantalising culinary experience, providing them with the opportunity to savour this delicious and heartwarming Karnataka delicacy prepared right before their eyes.

Unlocking the rich cultural narratives and flavours of India, the new store will display an assortment of Mithai boxes and hampers from across India, redefining gifting for loved ones. Select from options like the Karnataka Hamper, a compilation featuring Mysore Pak, Dharwad Peda, Pepper Cashews, and a Hampi artefact – or opt for the distinctive Channapatna Mithai Box, which includes treasured handcrafted wooden toys and Mithai selections from Mysore. Additionally, a variety of Mithai Boxes from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and other regions will be on offer, each adorned with packaging designs inspired by the motifs of their respective states and regions. Celebrating the International Years of the Millet, a special Mithai box will be on offer too, featuring delectable sweets expertly crafted using this nutritional superfood.

The most captivating aspect of presenting these Mithai boxes as gifts lies in incorporating augmented reality within the packaging. By utilising a smartphone or tablet, recipients can transcend cultural boundaries by scanning the packaging to explore entirely new dimensions of the design. This augmented reality experience will be a unique feature exclusively accessible for the Channapatna Mithai Box and the Flavours of India Box. 

The interior design artfully combines traditional Karnataka crafts with a modern sensibility. Incorporating elements from the enchanting magic of black & white Bidri art, to the intricate geometric clay patterns of Chittara, and the dynamic colour-contrasting wooden displays inspired by the Mysore Inlay technique, the ambience offers visitors a captivating cultural journey. An exceptional highlight is the inclusion of cutouts that bring to life the art of shadow puppetry, an age-old storytelling tradition that would provide entertainment and wonder to travellers alike. With sustainability at the forefront, the materials used in making the store are eco-conscious and recycled products.  

“At Anand Sweets, our new store at Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 isn’t just a Mithai destination – it’s a convergence of technology, art, culture and sustainability. We’re thrilled to showcase India’s essence on a global canvas, perfectly in tune with T2’s design philosophy. This isn’t just a store; it’s an invitation to a journey that bridges cultures, celebrates flavours, and embraces innovation. The new store would allow travellers to experience the heart of India in a whole new way where one can take home a memorable experience of the taste of royal India,” says Arvind Dadu, Managing Director at Anand Sweets & Savouries.

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