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Cargill Ocean Transportation expands its footprint in India by opening a new office in Pune

by Food Drinks Innovation

The new facility will assist the company in getting closer to its customers and the shipping community in the country

Expanding its footprint in India, Cargill Ocean Transportation inaugurated their new office in Pune on November 22, 2023. This strategic move will allow the company to strengthen its presence in the country, get closer to its customers and be more in touch with the Indian maritime industry.

Being a satellite city of Mumbai and one of the largest shipping hubs globally, Pune together with Bengaluru and Varna in Bulgaria will form the core of Ocean Transportation Operations and allow the business to access a large diverse talent pool and key customers of the company.

The new facility which will join other businesses of the company located in Pune, will initially house a team of 25 Ocean Transportation experts responsible for the execution of Cargill’s global trade of physical vessel voyages and time charters, with plans for further expansion in the years to come.

Together with the existing Cargill Ocean Transportation office in Bengaluru (Bangalore), this new office in Pune will ensure that the company maintains a robust presence in two of India‘s prominent business hubs.

“This is an important step for us which not only brings us closer to the heart of the Indian shipping community but also allows us to tap into one of the best talent pools available“, shared Eman Abdalla, Cargill Ocean Transportation’s Global Operations & Supply Chain Director. 

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