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Lotte India launches Lotte Choco Pie Choco Burst

by Food Drinks Innovation

The launch is part of the brand’s strategy to strengthen its presence in Choco Pie category.

Confectionery major Lotte India Corporation Ltd has launched Lotte Choco Pie Choco Burst to further strengthen its presence in the Choco Pie category. The introduction of this chocolate- based snack coincides with the month of Love, marking a significant advancement in delectable experiences.

Lotte Choco Pie Choco Burst guarantees to captivate confectionery aficionados with its soft biscuit, coated with rich chocolate and adorned with an enticing topping of milk chocolate. What lies nestled between the soft biscuits are a luscious layer of fluffy marshmallow, featuring a burst of chocolate at its center, creating a symphony of rich Flavors and textures throughout, said the company release.

Milan Wahi, Managing Director of Lotte India said, ” Over the years, Lotte Choco Pie has earned the status of the national snack of India, owing to its exquisite taste. It has gained immense popularity among Indian consumers, leading to significant brand growth across different regions of the country. Now, we take pride in introducing our latest innovation under this category – Lotte Choco Pie Choco Burst. With its irresistible combination of softness and, chocolate, and marshmallow, Choco Burst is poised to become a favourite among chocolate lovers nationwide. By introducing this new product, we aim to cater to diverse taste preferences, ensuring its desirability in every season for both consumers and retailers alike.”

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