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Cornitos Unveils Crusties Featuring Corny The Chimp In New Packaging

by Food Drinks Innovation

Step into a world of snacking sophistication with Cornitos – the beloved Made in India snack brand that has just unveiled a captivating packing to its timeless favorite Crusties. This pack comes  wrapped in an innovative packaging featuring mascot – Corny the Chimp  that redefines the snacking experience. Beyond the familiar taste, this packaging is a visual masterpiece, seamlessly marrying glamour. 

Cornitos’ unwavering dedication to innovation and functionality is vividly displayed in this visually striking packaging overhaul. The redesigned packs, reminiscent of the vibrant and enthusiastic character of Corny, are a bold symbol of the brand’s commitment to delivering a visually appealing and top-quality snacking experience. This tasteful upgrade provides an attractive solution for snack enthusiasts, aligning perfectly with Cornitos’ dynamic and exciting approach to snacking. 

Manoj Singh, Head of Marketing at Cornitos said, “In our pursuit of excellence, we’re thrilled to unveil the all-new packaging for Cornitos Crusties priced at an enticing INR 10 per pack. We’ve combined innovation, functionality, and glamour, ensuring that each pack is a visual delight for our consumers. As we embrace this new chapter, Corny the Chimp takes center stage, charming snack enthusiasts and adding a playful touch to our packaging that’s hard to resist. To meet and exceed our consumers’ expectations, we have increased the product quantity along with enhanced flavour. “ 

Now available at your nearest store, Cornitos Crusties in their fresh avatar invite you to indulge in a snack that goes beyond the ordinary. With each bite, savor the delight of responsible snacking and relish the joy of unwrapping a pack that’s visually enchanting. Cheers to a new era of snacking – where taste and creativity take center stage! 

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