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Hershey India Introduces the Jolly Rancher Two-Much with Their Latest Campaign

by Food Drinks Innovation

Hershey India introduces a delightful new chapter to its confectionery range with the launch of Jolly Rancher Two-Much. This lollipop promises a delightful explosion of sweet and tangy flavors in every single pop, all while sparking imaginative joy.

Hershey India unveils Jolly Rancher Two-Much, the latest addition to its lollipop lineup, with a communication approach focused on fun, humour, and imagination.

Ankit Desai, Marketing Director, Hershey India said, “Jolly Rancher is a beloved global confectionery brand and has received a lot of love over the years. The brand is known for its bold fruity flavors that sparks imagination and fun. Our objective with this launch is to bring double the joy to consumers, allowing them to tap into their imagination while savouring the best of sweet and tangy flavours in a single, delicious pop. Jolly RancherTwo-Much takes lollipop indulgence to new heights, offering a memorable and playful twist to the world of confectionery.”

The film opens with a young storyteller teleporting his audience to an imaginary battleground scene from 500 years ago. With imaginative flair, he skillfully weaves a captivating tale of the genesis of Jolly Rancher Two-Much. As his friend listens in awe, the narrative unfolds with a delightful mix of amusement and scepticism, culminating in shared laughter and an abundance of fun. The ad film is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sparking imagination and uncontrollable, contagious laughter among its target audience.

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