Home Ingredient EXBERRY® by GNT to showcase power of plant-based natural colours at Fi India 2023

EXBERRY® by GNT to showcase power of plant-based natural colours at Fi India 2023

by EzeeProjects01

GNT will demonstrate how plant-based EXBERRY® colours can help food and beverage manufacturers appeal to modern consumers at Fi India 2023 (17-19 August, Mumbai).

GNT’s range of natural colouring solutions includes more than 400 EXBERRY® concentrates made from edible fruits, vegetables and plants using physical processing methods such as chopping, pressing and filtering. Known as “Colouring Foods”, they qualify for completely clean and clear label declarations under Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) regulations.

At Fi India, GNT (stand K75) will present a wide variety of finished products to highlight EXBERRY® colours’ ability to deliver a rainbow of vibrant shades across different food and beverage applications. The company’s experts will also be on hand throughout the event to provide insights and advice on using plant-based colours.

Santhosh Thankappan, Sales Director at GNT Middle East, said: “Indian consumers have traditionally always preferred natural, freshly prepared food and drink, but social mobility in the big cities is now driving demand for more convenient packaged goods. Unfortunately, many of these products are made with artificial colours, which can negatively influence consumer preferences. EXBERRY® is a versatile plant-based colouring solution that enables brands to create the colourful, natural products that the new generation of consumers desires to see.”

Last year, GNT and the Confederation of Indian Industry commissioned independent research agency NielsenIQ to survey 2,000 urban Indian respondents on their attitude towards food colourings in beverages, dairy, baked goods, and confectionery.[1]

The research found that 84% of respondents said they would be likely to pay a price premium to purchase products made with natural food colours.

Maartje Hendrickx, GNT Group’s Market Development Manager, said: “Our plant-based colours can instantly boost brand preference among today’s health-conscious consumers. Manufacturers can declare that products are ‘coloured with fruit and vegetables’ on the front of the packaging while also benefitting from straightforward ingredient listings such as ‘Concentrate of carrot and blackcurrant’. We’re excited to connect with customers old and new at Fi India to share the many benefits that EXBERRY® has to offer.”

Fi India 2023 takes place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. For more information, visit: https://www.figlobal.com/india/en/home.html


[1] Men and women aged 18-45 years from NCCS A, B & C (margin of error 2% at 95% CI). The research was con-ducted via an online questionnaire (for NCCS A & B respondents) and computer-aided telephone interviews (for NCCS C respondents) from January to February 2022

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