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Food Production Company Ushodaya Enterprises Announces Strategic Investment in FlexiCloud Internet

by Food Drinks Innovation

Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, a food production company based out of Hyderabad anda prestigious arm of the Ramoji Group, has officially announced a strategic investment in FlexiCloud Internet Private Limited, a leading provider of managed cloud hosting solutions based in Kochi. This move marks Ushodaya Enterprises’ tactical expansion into Kerala.

FlexiCloud Internet Private Limited excels in delivering advanced managed cloud hosting solutions that focus on high performance, robust security, and exceptional customer support. The company is committed to demystifying complex technology challenges for its clients, ensuring seamless and efficient digital operations.

Established in 2017 by Vinod Chacko and later joined by Co-Founder Anooja Bashir in 2020, FlexiCloud has become notable for its powerful platform designed specifically for high-traffic websites, application hosting, and e-commerce businesses. The investment from Ushodaya Enterprises will enable FlexiCloud to enhance its technological foundation, broaden its research and development activities, and deepen its market reach. This financial backing is poised to significantly upgrade FlexiCloud’s infrastructure and customer service capabilities, promising an improved hosting experience for all its clients.

FlexiCloud merges various cloud services under one roof, offering tailored server options, strategic deployment locations, and extensive application management.

“Our platform is crafted to meet the essential needs of startups and SMEs, providing them with reliable, secure, and scalable cloud solutions,” stated Anooja Bashir, CEO of FlexiCloud.

Karthik Vidyasagar, Chief Investment Adviser at Ushodaya Enterprises, shared his excitement about the new investment & said: “We are thrilled to mark our entry into Kerala with this strategic investment. FlexiCloud’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions perfectly aligns with our values. We look forward to significant enhancements in our service capabilities through this partnership.”

With this investment, FlexiCloud plans to expand its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings in the cloud hosting sector, focusing particularly on incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

“This investment will greatly strengthen our technological resources, enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions that are both innovative and scalable,” noted Binu Mathew, CFO of FlexiCloud.

FlexiCloud has been recognized with several awards for its innovative solutions, including the Kerala Startup Mission’s Scale-up Grant and accolades such as the Times Business Award for Most Promising Technology Startup, the National Fame Award, and the India MSME Award. The company serves over 2200 paid subscribers in 13 countries, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations.

Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited, part of the diverse Ramoji Group portfolio which spans media, hospitality, and food & beverages, underscores its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems with this strategic investment in cloud computing.

Anooja Bashir, the Co-Founder of FlexiCloud, exemplifies resilience and determination. Rising from the ashes of two earlier startup failures, she has steered her venture to success with unwavering perseverance. Starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 after a stint in the corporate sector, today Anooja has been a mentor to more than 30+ incubators providing her expertise in strategic marketing and business strategy. She is also a social entrepreneur   through her NGO initiative NEED that supports women, LGBTQ and differently abled in providing opportunity in entrepreneurship and career development.

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