Home News/PR Go Rewise intends to recycle 25% of India’s PET bottle waste by 2025 partners with Coca Cola for 100% recycled PET bottles

Go Rewise intends to recycle 25% of India’s PET bottle waste by 2025 partners with Coca Cola for 100% recycled PET bottles

by Food Drinks Innovation
  • Bringing a revolution in Food grade sustainable packaging – Coca Cola leading, other RPET adoption to increase in FMCG by many folds in 2024-202
  • One of the largest commercial launch of recycled PET based packaging by Coca Cola in partnership with Go Rewise 
  • CTA: Go Rewise is constantly upgrading their capacity to meet the  growing demand of rPET for Food grade packaging
  • Partnership with Coca-Cola India for their new rPET 250ml and 750ml Coke bottles 
  • Over 9.3 Billion bottles recycled by Ganesha/Go Rewise annually 
  • Go Rewise targets recycling 25% of India’s PET bottles by 2025

Go Rewise, a brand by Ganesha Ecosphere (XNSE: GANECOS), recycling partner and food grade rPET provider is taking another meaningful step towards creating a circular economy. It has announced that it intends to recycle 25% of India’s PET bottle waste by 2025.

Go Rewise is at the forefront of building a green supply chain for India, with a bold objective to recycle 25% of India’s PET bottle waste by 2025 and create a circular economy. With 25 years of industry expertise, Go Rewise has deployed state-of-the-art Super Clean recycling technology to produce premium quality, FDA, EFSA-certified, and food-safe rPET materials. Every rPET product also comes with EPR certification, assuring transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

Go Rewise aims to solve India’s increasing plastic waste problem and brings sustainable packaging solutions for various FMCG brands. The company recycles 9.3 billion bottles annually and is expected to see double-digit growth given the Government’s Extended Producer Responsibility and Plastic Waste Management mandates to curb plastic pollution.

Enrique Ackermann, Vice President, Technical and Innovation, Coca-Cola India, and Southwest Asia said, “Our commitment as responsible corporate citizens is to address the waste challenges facing our planet and society. Aligned with our vision of providing sustainable packaging, we work with communities to boost PET recycling and collection; collaborate with recycling partners like Go Rewise. Our partnership with Go Rewise signifies our commitment to a more sustainable future for our planet and, in doing so, raising consumer awareness about eco-friendly packaging. This is also an endeavour on our part to complement the Government of India’s ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ initiative and LiFE, a pro- planet approach.”

Yash Sharma, Founder, Go Rewise and Director at Ganesha Ecosphere, said: “At Go Rewise, our goal is not just to recycle plastic but create viable options for green supply chain and circular economy solutions in India. Recycling is not just an environmentally responsible choice; it is a powerful tool to mitigate the effects of climate change. The recycling expertise we’ve harnessed from 25 years in the industry enabled us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in PET recycling in India, and the partnerships with Manjushree for conversion and Coca-Cola for adoption of rPET helped us launch new sustainable packaging solutions at scale.”

Thimmaiah NP, MD and CEO of Manjushree Technopack, said, “We are thankful to Coca-Cola India to have entrusted this opportunity to Manjushree. I thank the Go Rewise team for bringing out consistent quality PCR PET granules, enabling us to make the preforms for the small pack CSD bottle successfully.”

This partnership aims to cater to the Government of India’s new Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2022 (PWM), wherein they have laid out EPR requirements regarding using recyclate in packaging applications. According to the rules, 30% recyclate must be used by all packaging manufacturers/brands in rigid packaging applications starting in 2025 and will be increased to 60% by 2028. While players like Go Rewise and Manjushree are creating scaled capacity to cater to the increasing demand for rPET-based packaging, FMCG majors like Coca-Cola India are leading the way in adopting circular solutions and delivering on their sustainability commitments.

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