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iD Fresh launches innovative pour-to-perfection Coffee Liquid Bottle

by Food Drinks Innovation

iD Fresh Food has unveiled a pioneering addition to the coffee market – the iD Instant Filter Coffee Liquid Bottle. This exceptional product empowers coffee aficionados to create their ideal coffee, tailored to their personal taste. Resembling a traditional cup and dabara (filter coffee tumbler), the pour-to-perfection bottle dispenses coffee decoction to match the user’s preferred intensity, ensuring a convenient and effortless brewing encounter.

With its coffee portfolio contributing to 85% market share in the category, iD Fresh Food continues to pioneer new dimensions within the space.

The product’s initial launch will span 10,000 stores across key cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune. The company plans to expand its presence gradually to other markets. Available through various distribution channels, including General Trade, E-commerce, and Quick commerce, the iD Instant filter coffee liquid Bottle seeks to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

P.C Musthafa, CEO and co-founder of iD Fresh Food, expressed the company’s motivation behind this product innovation. He highlighted the challenges of measuring and dispensing the precise quantity of coffee decoction and how the new bottle addresses this issue seamlessly, enabling users to consistently brew their ideal cup of filter coffee.

Crafted with a thoughtful blend of 80% coffee and 20% chicory, the iD Instant filter coffee liquid Bottle promises a balanced taste, appealing aftertaste, and captivating aroma. The product maintains its commitment to natural and healthy ingredients, devoid of preservatives, colors, or sugar additives.

Rahul Gandhi, chief marketing officer at iD Fresh Food, emphasized the product’s responsiveness to consumer preferences, catering to individuals who enjoy their coffee at varying strengths. The pour-to-perfection coffee bottle stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to fulfilling latent consumer needs.

iD Fresh Food, renowned for transforming the consumption of fresh food at home, has consistently demonstrated its propensity for innovation. The introduction of the filter coffee decoction category in 2018 and subsequent product launches showcase the brand’s commitment to enhancing consumer experiences.

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