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Paul And Mike: A Beacon of Stability Amidst Cocoa Crisis

by Food Drinks Innovation

In the midst of unprecedented challenges facing the cocoa industry, Paul And Mike shines as a beacon of stability, resilience, and community support.

With a strategic focus on sourcing a substantial portion of cocoa from their meticulously managed farms in Kochi and Coimbatore, the company navigates rising input costs with confidence.By leveraging modern agricultural techniques, including precision irrigation, pest management, and innovative farming practices, Paul And Mike ensures the quality and sustainability of their cocoa supply chain.

In a commendable display of solidarity and community ethos, Paul And Mike stands in support of small artisanal chocolate makers and home bakers facing the challenges of the cocoa crisis.The company plans to offer limited quantities of cocoa beans and baking chocolate at old rates, ensuring the sustained production of these small-scale enterprises. This initiative underscores Paul And Mike’s dedication to fostering collaboration and resilience within the cocoa community, embodying their commitment to shared prosperity and collective resilience.

Amid significant disruptions in the cocoa supply chain in India, marked by cocoa prices soaring to historic highs exceeding $10,000 per tonne, the industry confronts a daunting outlook. Analysts project persistent challenges that could endure until at least a few years from now. Underscoring the fragility of global cocoa production and the urgent need for innovative solutions.

Founder Vikas Temani, foreseeing these challenges in 2016, embarked on extensive research across Latin America and India, laying the groundwork for Paul And Mike’s strategic response. Prioritising sustainable cocoa tree planting in Kochi and Coimbatore for three years before launching their chocolate brand in 2019, the company set a precedent for proactive planning.

Employing modern agricultural techniques such as precision irrigation, pest control, and innovative farming methods like no-shade planting, Paul And Mike’s approach has been a testament to both expertise and innovation. Backed by a team including a cocoa expert with a PhD from Kerala Agricultural University, their farms have remained resilient in the face of crisis.

In response to the crisis, Paul And Mike pledges to maintain stable prices for their popular chocolate-based products over the next three months, diverging from prevailing industry trends of price hikes. This commitment underscores the company’s dedication to ensuring continued affordability and accessibility for their loyal customer base. By prioritising consumer satisfaction and loyalty, Paul And Mike reaffirms their position as a trusted brand in the cocoa market.

Through their proactive approach, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to community support, Paul and Mike warmly welcomes all artisans to connect with them, extending an invitation to avail of the cocoa supply at old prices. As they navigate the challenges of the current crisis, Paul And Mike remains committed to their mission of delivering premium-quality chocolate products while championing sustainability and community resilience.

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