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Maximum product safety and efficiency

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Minebea Intec presents new, innovative weighing and inspection solutions at PackEx India 2023

Minebea Intec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weighing and inspection technology, will be presenting a number of new products at PackEx 2023 in Mumbai from 7-9 September. The focus will be on the pioneering MiWave technology of the Mitus® metal detector and a new generation of weight transmitters with the Link E series.

Minebea Intec has set itself the goal to provide customers in the Asian market with the highest quality weighing and inspection solutions at an attractive price. For this, the company with its headquarters in Hamburg has invested in its large production halls in India and thus brings German Quality together with Indian engineering know-how. At the PackEx 2023 stand, interested visitors can experience Minebea Intec’s innovations live. One highlight will be the new metal detector Mitus® with flexible MiWave technology. Whether brought in by raw products or by wear of the production machines, the risk of metal particles entering the production process is omnipresent and any contaminant entry into the product would mean an expensive product recall.

Always a wavelength ahead of foreign objects with the MiWave technology

The new MiWave technology enables extremely precise detection of foreign objects, even with large product effects. Reliable metal detection devices in the food industry are characterised by the fact that they compensate for product effects, i.e. the influence the product itself has on the electromagnetic field. The metal detector Mitus® combats this challenge with MiWave technology. MiWave is used to modulate the transmission signal for a number of frequencies, then separate them and evaluate them individually using an intelligent algorithm. As a result of this division into several signals, the products can be symbolically inspected from several perspectives. This significantly increased information content means that high search sensitivities can be achieved in spite of large product effects. In addition, this technology is less susceptible to fluctuations such as temperature changes or thawing processes. The result for food manufacturers is maximum product safety and output. “With the Mitus®, we are offering a premium metal detection solution for users,” says Linus Dellweg, Global Product Manager at Minebea Intec. “Users can also rely on our high quality ‘Made in Germany’.”

The metal detector Mitus® is available in standard sizes as a rectangular, round or compact detection coil, which means that it can be integrated into production systems even with limited space. This means the Mitus® can also easily be combined with additional weighing technology, if required. It is offered as a conveyor, free-fall or pipeline solution, making it the ideal solution for any product condition.

CoSynus® combines the electronics of the metal detector with the checkweigher electronics to save space and costs.

New generation of weight transmitters: intuitive Link E series with innovative touch display

Visitors to the Minebea Intec stand will also be able to experience the precise weight transmitters of the Link E series which are crucial pieces of equipment in the world of analogue weighing. They are used to calculate reliable weight values and automatically pass these on to control or software systems for further processing. With the Link E, Minebea Intec is presenting its fully overhauled series of weight transmitters. The development focussed on easy process integration, intuitive operation and precision at a good price.

The new Link E is currently the only product on the market with a high-contrast touch display that allows users to read the status and all functions directly. All information and settings are visible at all times and the status of the scale can be checked quickly on the integrated display. The Link E can be easily configured via a standard web browser by entering the IP address and without the need to install any further software. This data is password-protected and can also be saved on the PC for security reasons. The familiar ‘Smart Calibration’ enables adjustment entirely without the need for weights. These functions reduce installation and access times to a minimum and enable mechanical faults to be uncovered.

As the first weight transmitter for analogue strain gauge load cells, the Link E has a
high-contrast touch display that makes it easy to read and easy to find all settings and

CoSynus®: Uniting checkweighing and metal detection in one system

Another highlight on the exhibition stand will be the combi solution CoSynus® from Minebea Intec which combines the Synus® checkweigher with the Vistus® metal detector. It is used for determining the weight or for completeness checks, for regulating upstream filling systems and for simultaneous detection of metallic components. The evaluation electronics can take over both product classification as well as control of sorting and/or signalling devices. Optionally, air blast nozzle ejectors or pneumatic pushers can also be installed on the outfeed belt of the checkweigher as well as on the metal detection conveyor as rejection and/or sorting mechanisms. Depending on the product, separated rejection belts or line separators can be used.

Minebea Intec at PackEx India 2023

Want to find out more about the numerous innovations from Minebea Intec and benefit from meeting specialists? Then we would be delighted to welcome you to Minebea Intec’s exhibition stand in J72 Hall 1!

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