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Mother Dairy Celebrates the Universal Emotion of Care and Compassion

by Food Drinks Innovation

~Associates with Eminent Poet & Lyricist Gulzar for its brand anthem featured in the latest campaign – under the inspiration of #MaaJaisi~

Celebrating the universal values of love, care, emotion and compassion embodied by mothers, India’s leading dairy brand Mother Dairy is all set to roll out its brand anthem and campaign in its latest communication headlined under “Mamta Jaisi Shudh, Maa Jaisi Mamta” Mother Dairy, Maa Jaisi.

Penned by eminent poet Gulzar, the anthem beautifully describes the virtues of a mother which all of us inherit and exemplify in varied situations and circumstances. These virtues represent not just the emotions but also showcase that there is a mother in all of us.

The campaign narrative explores instances where maternal virtues are demonstrated outside traditional mother-child relationships. These relationships within families, friends, colleagues and even with the unknowns supporting each other showcases the myriad ways in which these values enrich lives and strengthen bonds.

“In a world where compassion and empathy are more vital than ever, Mother Dairy recognizes the enduring significance of maternal values,” said Mr. Manish Bandlish, Managing Director, Mother Dairy. “As we commemorate our 50 years of establishment, our new campaign aims to celebrate these values and inspire individuals to embrace them in their daily lives, fostering stronger connections and a sense of community.” He further added, “At Mother Dairy, we believe in infusing every aspect of our work with the same love and care that a mother provides by ensuring quality ingredients to craft delightful products, our commitment to excellence is rooted in these timeless values and remains steadfast.”


A mother often exudes the purest of virtues. But the values of a mother can also be seen in people other than her. Sometimes you can see it in the way an elder brother looks after the young ones. It is in the care a colleague shows towards his teammates. Or even in the concern a teenager shows towards elderly. It is these values of a mother that Mother Dairy endorses. It is the same love and concern that goes into making each of our products.


The film begins with a scene set in an office cafeteria, where two colleagues are prepping up for a meal. Just as they’re about to begin, one of them receives an urgent call from their manager. Hastily leaving his meal behind, he rushes off to attend the meeting. However, his thoughtful colleague insists he takes a roll of a Chapati with Paneer along. In another scene, two senior citizens share a fond moment. One of them, being fed by a nurse, seems disinterested in the meal. The other encourages and motivates him to have the food if he wants to satiate his desire for Mother Dairy’s Mishti Doi.

Similar scenarios unfold throughout the film, involving a couple, a group of friends, a child and a fellow passenger, and two students getting ready for school in their hostel room all sharing a moment while relishing a Mother Dairy product. Each situation highlights and narrates a stanza on maternal virtue aptly embraced by a captivating background score, ultimately leading to a frame featuring brand’s product window.

Commenting on the campaign, Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy-North, adds, “Every now and then we come across people who take care of us just like a ‘Mother’ would do. They are Maa Jaisi to us. The same is true for Mother Dairy products. They are made with the same love, nurturing, and purity. Qualities taught by mothers. This inspired us to weave this new story for Mother Dairy, an ode to all those who are Maa Jaisi. With ‘Mother’ in our name, this is a beautiful natural fit with everything we stand for.”

The Brand Film can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/hfsw3atqZsc?si=Nwuz5Yixc43x3_5N

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