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Bira 91 announced Mysuru brewery as India’s first Net Zero brewery

by EzeeProjects01

Bira 91 announced that its Mysuru brewery has achieved carbon neutrality, making it the first Net Zero brewery in India. This reflects Bira 91’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to become the country’s first Net-Zero beer company by 2025, as part of its “Mission To Zero” campaign.

Bira 91 implemented an action plan to decrease energy consumption and shift towards using 100% clean, renewable energy at its biggest brewery in Mysuru. As a result, the company successfully reduced its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by a substantial amount to reach this important achievement.

The assessment was done in compliance with global ISO 14064 standards, GHG Protocol and ISAE 3410.

“We embarked on the Net-Zero journey a few years back and I am extremely proud that Mysuru Brewery has set a major milestone by becoming India’s first Net-Zero brewery. With a significant manufacturing footprint in India, we feel that we have the responsibility and opportunity to be stewards in the area of carbon neutrality and inspire all manufacturing companies in India to achieve Net Zero”, said Ankur Jain, Founder and CEO, B9 Beverages

Last year, Bira 91 launched its “Mission to Zero” campaign as part of its sustainability efforts. The initiative involves four main goals, including the transition to 100% clean energy, a 60% reduction in energy consumption, a 50% reduction in water usage, and the elimination of waste destined for landfills from all of its breweries by 2025.

The foundation of this initiative stems from the partnership between Kirin Holdings and B9 Beverages, which led to the establishment of the B9-Kirin Centre for Sustainable Growth. The center has a primary focus on environmental sustainability and business synergies and has initiated the Net Zero project to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

“Our partnership with Bira 91 over the past few years is a testament to this vision. By sharing our expertise in innovation and sustainable practices, we have been able to craft the highest quality, sustainable products together.” said Hiromasa Honda, Managing Director, Kirin Holdings Singapore,

Bira 91’s Mission to Zero has been primarily focused on enhancing the efficiency of its manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption in its breweries.

The company has achieved this through automation and the utilization of renewable energy sources such as solar, hydroelectricity, and wind power. The facility has also made impressive strides in water conservation by saving 31 million litres of water, equivalent to over 120 million glasses.

In addition, Bira 91 has planted more than 500 trees of local varieties on its premises, serving as a natural carbon sink for the community. As a result of these efforts, the brewery has achieved its Net Zero milestone several years ahead of its global peers in the sector.

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