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Okayti Tea Estate’s Moonlight Plucking: A Time-honored Tradition Illuminating Darjeeling’s Finest Tea

by Food Drinks Innovation

Okayti Tea Estate, a beacon of heritage and excellence in the world of tea, recently organized its annual moonlight plucking event, a cherished tradition that brings together skilled workers under the enchanting glow of the full moon. This celestial gathering aimed to harvest the best flavors and aromas, embodying the essence of Okayti’s distinguished tea offerings.

Established in the early 1870s and formerly known as Rangdoo, Okayti Tea Estate has a rich history steeped in tradition and acclaim. The tea produced at Rangdoo gained worldwide fame for its distinct flavor, earning it the endearing title of ‘The only Okay tea!‘ by London tea auctioneers. The tea was so esteemed that it found its place at Buckingham Palace, leading to the estate’s rechristening as ‘Okayti Tea Estate‘ to honor this global recognition.

For the moonlight plucking event, special sections were meticulously selected, often the bushes planted at the highest elevation sections of the estate that receive maximum moonlight. The plucking commenced at midnight, with skilled workers navigating the tea bushes to gather barely a kilogram or two of pristine leaves. Moonlight teas, renowned for their unmatched aromas and flavors, are considered the epitome of tea craftsmanship.

Okayti’s steep slopes, subtropical climate, and the right soil contribute to the outstanding quality of its tea. Covering 447 hectares of the scenic Himalayan landscape, Okayti stands as one of the highest elevation tea estates in Darjeeling.

Rajeev Baid, MD, Okayti, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying, “The Moonlight Plucking at Okayti is a celebration of the centuries-old legacy of tea craftsmanship. It’s an honor to be part of this tradition and witness the dedication of our skilled workers. Looking ahead, we are committed to preserving the essence of Okayti’s teas while exploring new avenues to share our heritage with tea enthusiasts worldwide.”

In line with this commitment, Okayti Tea Estate has also launched the Okayti Tea Tour. This immersive experience invites tea enthusiasts to witness the entire tea-making process, from plucking to brewing. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Okayti’s landscape, this tour provides a unique opportunity for guests to understand tea in all its glory and experience the beautiful views.

As a heritage brand, Okayti is dedicated to maintaining international standards of quality in both its teas and packaging. Rigorous quality checks and weatherproof warehousing ensure that Okayti’s teas reach the cups of tea lovers fresh and brisk, embodying the brand’s commitment to freshness and detail.

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