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Dominos Pizza India Stuns Audiences with Ground breaking Event, Unveils Spicy hot Pizza Range

by EzeeProjects01

Domino’s Pizza, India’s largest pizza chain has set a new standard in event marketing with a fiery on-ground activation event in Gurgaon that brought to life the sensations of spice in a thrilling spectacle. Focused on the new range of pizzas, the event provided a sensory feast of fiery displays, smoky ambiances, and the unparalleled excitement of spice. The whole activation was so unique and captivating that it set the onlookers mesmerized.

Red Hot Pizza Range
Creating an eye-catching environment, a blazing pizza slice billboard captured the attention of locals, sparking conversations and drawing the interest of those passing by, which was captivated by smoky fumes of the billboard. The electrifying spectacle reached its climax as a fire tender arrived at the scene, dousing the smoke in a dazzling show of water jets, symbolizing Domino’s mastery over spice and heat. As an extension to the on-ground activation, bike-bound delivery riders with smoke trailing from their delivery boxes navigated the city streets, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to delivering the Spicy Range right to customers’ doorsteps.

“The objective of this activation was to captivate our audience and highlight the exhilarating sensation of enjoying a spicy Domino’s pizza,” said Sandeep Anand, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza India. “This innovative event allowed us to visually embody the excitement and passion infused into every bite of our new spicy range. The buzz and overwhelming response it has generated have exceeded our expectations.”

The event marked the thrilling launch of Domino’s newest offering – a spice-infused pizza range. Crafted with a tantalizing fusion of heat and flavour, the Red-Hot Pizza range includes four distinctive flavours: Blazing Onion & Paprika, Fiery Jalapeno & Paprika, Blazing Chicken & Paprika, and Fiery Sausage & Paprika.

Join Domino’s on this extraordinary flavour adventure and experience the irresistible allure of the Spicy Range Pizza starting at an affordable price of Rs. 179/- and is available at all Domino’s Pizza restaurants across India. Indulge your senses and savour the thrill of the Red-Hot Pizzas that will leave you craving for more.

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