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ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® Presents A Compact In-house Coffee Roasting Solution in Singapore’s Coffee Industry

by EzeeProjects01

Unlock the ease of in-house roasting and elevate the coffee experience with ultimate freshness.

Nestlé raises the bar in coffee roasting with ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® for out of home.

ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ®’s innovation lies in its size as a compact coffee-roasting solution, designed for restaurants, cafes, and baristas, allowing business operators to unlock and simplify the art of roasting in the shop.

Driven by global trends that indicate roasting is now the number one expertise indicator and the ultimate premium enabler, ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® puts the freedom of creating one’s signature blend in the hands of the coffeemaker. By simplifying the art of roasting and thus allowing customisation and experimenting through second step roasting, it redefines the coffee experience with ultimate freshness.

ROASTELIER™ makes inhouse roasting simple, accessible, and entirely customisable.

Your Signature Roast Now Roasted by You.

The ROASTELIER™ solution includes a range of fine Arabica coffees sourced from selected coffee growing regions around the world. These coffees are carefully assessed for many quality parameters within Nestlé’s factories and are then taken through the first step of roasting using their proprietary knowledge and equipment setup – referred to as ‘Prime Roast’ – to ensure consistently good results batch after batch.

Unleash your creativity through three Prime Roast bean varietals – Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia – in either espresso or filter roast.

Coffee Made Simple

ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® uses INTELLIRoast™ technology which combines the benefits of Fluid Bed Roasting with proprietary software, intuitive system, and robust exhaust management system designed to give you consistent roasting results, batch after batch.

The system is equipped with a QR code reader that recognizes the coffee type and offers a range of roasting profiles defined by master roasters at Nestlé and programmed into its database. Through an intuitive user interface, baristas can personalize the roasting of the coffee beans and access several sensory profiles from the selected bean types to create their signature blends. 

At the heart of ROASTELIER™ is the vision to elevate coffee appreciation at all levels, from the consumers who drink it to the experts who make it. It does this by providing an all-encompassing rite of passage that can be experienced.

Blending and cupping workshops let makers experience, learn, and create. Modular premium in-store execution complemented with point of sales materials enhance the consumer journey from introduction to purchase. Merchandise accessories such as take-home bean bags and label printers create opportunities for new revenue streams for cafes and restaurants.

ROASTELIER™ by NESCAFÉ® where ultimate freshness is crafted with passion.

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