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Loryma launches plant-based egg substitute for baked goods

by Food Drinks Innovation

New compound replaces the features of egg and milk in vegan dough

Ingredients specialist Loryma is expanding its wheat-based portfolio with a functional mix that is free of animal ingredients, as well as artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Vegan, wheat-based Lory® Stab perfectly replicates the technological properties of egg or milk in bakery products, resulting in a convincing visual appearance and authentic mouthfeel. Products made with this base ingredient, such as muffins, sponge cakes, cake bases or lava cakes, have the typical airy texture, light crumb and consistent pore structure.

Combined with other ingredients such as flour, sugar, oil, water and flavourings, the concentrate can be used to make all types of vegan dough. The result is a viscous mass into which ingredients such as chocolate chunks or fruit can be easily incorporated. The wheat-based mix is neutral in smell and taste, which allows for individual recipes and a wide range of applications, including American muffins, sponge cakes, cake bases, lava and cupcakes, all of which perfectly meet the growing demand for plant-based bakery products. The stabilising and raising components create a loose and elastic crumb structure, which results in the characteristic mushroom-shaped bulge in muffins, for example.

Norbert Klein, Head of Research and Development at Loryma, says: “The light, airy texture and authentic mouthfeel of the finished baked goods perfectly imitate the sensory properties of non-vegan products. Thanks to the balanced cost-benefit ratio, Lory® Stab is an economical and efficient solution for manufacturers who want to broaden their market appeal.”

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