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Rasna launches Himalayan Gulab sharbat, Gulkand & Gulab Chywanprash

by Food Drinks Innovation

The Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit, Rasna proudly announced the launch of their Rasna Himalayan Gulab Sharbat, Himalayan Gulkand and Himalayan Gulab Chywanprash. In an effort to increase Rasna’s presence in the state, the products will be manufactured using raw materials such as pure rose oil and rose water, which are all sourced from the valleys of Uttarakhand.

With 12 factories in India and a coverage of 1.6 million outlets in India, Rasna will launch its product simultaneously in India and abroad through extensive manufacturing and marketing outreach and availability in more than 60 countries, especially in the Middle East where Indian rose products are already in demand. With global demand for the product, Rasna aims to increase its presence by growing local products from the state.

To generate more revenue for the state, Rasna also plans to launch sandal syrup and turmeric syrup-based concentrate syrups, the raw materials of which will also be sourced from the valleys of Uttarakhand. Damask rose is very distinctive as it imparts a unique fragrance and has been widely used as an additive to various food, Ayurvedic, nutraceutical and related products for centuries. Rasna through its innovative R&D has made this rose syrup using natural ingredients from the state, which provides therapeutic benefits derived from the antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and gut cooling properties of the flowers and not forgetting the aroma and unique taste. of Product.Commenting at the Uttarakhand Global Investor Summit, Rasna Group Chairman, Mr. Piruj Khambatta said, “Rasna is not dedicated to working with Hon. Prime Minister’s vision of food from India to the world.

We fully support vocal call for local and extend it by making local to global. For this and to demonstrate our commitment to the state of Uttarakhand, we have launched Rasna Himalayan Gulab Sherbat, Himalayan Gulkand, Gulab Chaiwanprashand, aiming to launch additional products pan India and globally, all of which are made using raw materials. State. This will greatly help the farmers of Uttarakhand by improving their income and getting better value for their crop. Rasna Himalayan Gulab Sherbat is available in two pack sizes of 750 ml at Rs. 160 and 600 ml at Rs. 130, Rasna’s mammoth market of 1.6 million outlets through its 26 depots, 200 super stockists, 5000 stockists and 900 sales force.


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