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California Walnuts Unveils “Pure Gold” Campaign in India

by Food Drinks Innovation

Exemplifies the gold standard of exceptional taste and quality

California, known as “the Golden State“, is not only synonymous with wealth and prosperity but also home to the coveted California walnuts, jewels of the Central Valley kissed by the sun. Today, California Walnuts is thrilled to announce the launch of its much-anticipated “Pure Gold” campaign, an ode to the timeless tradition of quality, flavor, and nutritional richness inherent in every California walnut.

Gold, a symbol of wealth, good fortune, purity, and beauty, finds its manifestation in the diverse hues of California’s walnuts, harvested by the many multi-generational family farms whose lives are dedicated to growing premium quality walnuts. The “Pure Gold” campaign not only celebrates the natural golden essence of these walnuts but describes the buttery, rich flavour and creamy texture that has become the gold standard for chefs and consumers around the globe. As more consumers look to healthier food choices, California walnuts are becoming an integral part of every Indian household’s tradition for health, wealth, and prosperity.

At the heart of California is a golden agricultural haven called the Central Valley which spans about 51,800 square kilometers with a Mediterranean-style climate, deep rich soils, and nearly 300 days of sunlight which ensures the cultivation of high-quality walnuts that embody the essence of pure gold – walnuts in golden hues, sun-ripened to perfection. We are excited to introduce the ‘Pure Gold’ campaign as a tribute to the rich heritage of California Walnuts. It encapsulates not just the golden color of our walnuts but also the commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and food safety delivered to every table,” says Pamela Graviet, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, California Walnut Commission & Board.

She further added, “We invite households to embrace the goodness of these walnuts, making them a staple in daily life. Whether as a snack, in culinary creations or as a health-conscious addition to traditional practices. Let these golden delights enrich your life and elevate your well-being.

Image – Mr. Robert Verloop – CEO and Executive Director and Ms. Pamela Graviet – Vice President for Integrated Marketing, California Walnut Commission and Board at the California Walnut Campaign Launch Event

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