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SAARRU – India’s First Native Soup Launched by The Peninsular Export Company

by Food Drinks Innovation

The Peninsular Export Company has recently launched SAARRU, India’s first native soup with local variants. The brand offers three varieties of soup mixes based on regional cuisine and will soon be expanding its portfolio by adding more flavors. Available in both the B2C and B2B markets across Tamil Nadu, the soups are also available on SAARRU’s e-commerce website and other ecommerce platforms such as Flipkart and Jiomart.

SAARRU is an exclusive native soup brand that brings freshness and ease of cooking into every Indian household. Offering wholesome soup options, the mixes come with an easy-to-use manual which makes serving fresh soup a joy, especially in the upcoming winter months. The brand has launched three varieties – Mutton Soup Masala, Chicken Soup Masala and Chicken Coriander Rasam Masala, the soup mixes are priced at Rs. 50 each.

Jaisingh Vaerkar, Managing Partner, The Peninsular Export Company – Makers of SAARRU. Says, “There were not many soup options in the market, and this gave us an idea for easy to make soup options. SAARRU soup mixes offer the most authentic taste of traditional soups with the goodness of fresh ingredients. Apart from the three non-vegetarian soup mixes currently available, the brand is also working on a variant for vegetarian soups and will make it an instant product with vegetables and mushrooms added in. We are also looking at consumer delivery options and looking at soup kiosks and a vending machine-ready product as well.”

The SAARRU soup mixes make a quick restaurant-style soup at home with ease. With no fillers, these mixes contain more than 70% spices which gives the real feel of hearty and flavourful soup. Targeted to woo the young urban youth and working women – who are managing family and work, making traditional soup has become a breeze with SAARRU. The soup mixes are manufactured at the company factory in Virudhunagar and follow the high food safety and hygiene standards of Thillais, Masalachef and other private label businesses of the brand.

SAARRU, the pioneering Indian soup brand, revolutionizes kitchens with its innovative and easy-to-cook soup mixes. Catering to the dynamic urban working women, SAARRU ensures a safe and delightful culinary experience, aligning with the modern multitasker managing both family and work. Recognized as the first native soup mix in India, SAARRU focuses on online visibility and sales through e-commerce platforms. The brand extends its accessibility through vending machine variants and soup carts, reaching diverse consumer segments. Within a brief period, SAARRU has become a sought-after choice, aiming for significant market presence with a target of 1 ton for each variant by March 2024.


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