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Starbucks celebrates 52 years of exceptional coffee by reintroducing its iconic anniversary blend

by Food Drinks Innovation

As a salute to 52 years of coffee heritageand toast to the future, TATA Starbucks proudly welcomes back the timeless classic –Anniversary Blend. As coffee has transitioned from a humble morning ritual to a canvas for personal expression, a social experience, and a cultural statement,this treasured blend offers coffee connoisseurs a cup of coffee that is both divine and meaningful.

Introduced first in 1996 to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary, the Anniversary Blend swiftly became a seasonalfavorite. This year’s celebration presents a reimagined blend, meticulously aged for five years, underscoring the brand’s commitment to continually enhance the coffee experience for consumers across the country.

Distinguished by its pronounced flavours, full-bodied character, and unmistakable boldness, the Anniversary Blend 2023 is a symphony of ethically sourced beans exclusively from Indonesia – a region that has inspired Starbucks since its inception in 1971. The blend’s unique composition draws from the coffee-growing regions of Sumatra, West Java, and Sulawesi, resulting in aremarkable cup of Starbucks’ boldest blend. Infused with spicy undertones, fragrant notes of smoked cedar, and allspice, complemented by subtle accents of black truffle and fresh tarragon, this dark-roasted masterpiece delivers an intense, earthy richness that truly defines exceptional coffee.

The packaging of the Anniversary Blend encapsulates the nurturing spirit of the siren – a symbol synonymous with Starbucks – radiating a warm, welcoming, and confident vibe. Crafted with intricate artistry, the design embraces the imperfections of woodcut printing techniques, symbolizing the authenticity and craftsmanship that go into every cup.This unique concoction of design and artistry, coupled with the exceptional taste of the coffee itself, instantly elevates an ordinary cup of coffee to an exceptional one. Thus, for those who want to experience coffee like no other, the Anniversary Blend is a must-try.

Expressing his delight on this milestone, Sushant Dash, CEO, Tata Starbucks, said, “The Anniversary Blend is our homage to Starbucks’ rich coffee heritage. Crafted with the finest ethically sourced Indonesian coffee and aged to perfection for five years, this blend showcases our steadfast commitment to innovation, offering a timeless taste. As Starbucks commemorates its 52nd year, we find immense joy in extending this extraordinary coffee experience to coffee aficionados nationwide. Coffee is no longer just a beverage; it’s an integral facet of our lives, a culture that binds us and the Anniversary Blend is here to further enrich this very culture.

As a brand that has defined coffee culture, Starbucks continues to set the standard for excellence and innovation, offering coffee enthusiasts a chance to savour the very best in the world of coffee. From its inception, the brand has transformed the way people perceive and enjoy coffee, making it more than just a beverage – a journey through flavours, stories, and shared moments. The Anniversary Blend stands as a testament to this journey, inviting consumers to indulge in a cup that holds both a rich history and a promising future.

The limited-edition Starbucks® Anniversary blend is available in 250 grams or customers can choose any of their favorite beverages with the anniversary blend as their espresso of choice across Starbucks stores in India, or via various delivery platforms.

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