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Tata Consumer Products strengthens its RTD portfolio with ‘Say Never ‘Energy Drink, marking entry into the Energy Drink category

by Food Drinks Innovation

Say Never Energy Drink: Embrace Your Inner Trailblazer with Every Sip

Tata Consumer Products (TCP), the consumer products company uniting the principal food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella, is making a bold entry into the fast growing Energy Drink category with the launch of Say Never Energy Drink. Carving its niche in the dynamic beverage industry, Say Never Energy Drink celebrates the trailblazer within us all which keeps us going even in the face of multiple setbacks and irrespective of the final outcome. 

Say Never Energy Drink, priced at an affordable Rs. 10 for a 200 ml cup format, is crafted for individuals who embody the spirit of relentless determination and unwavering resilience. The brand pays homage to those who persevere, regardless of the challenges they face, and continue to push their boundaries.

The Energy Drink offers two invigorating variants: Red and Blue, each designed to provide a much-needed boost of vitality to those who dare to chase their dreams.

Speaking about the new launch, Mr. Vikram Grover, MD NourishCo Beverages Limited, Tata Consumer Products said, “ With this launch we aim to inspire and energize the doers, the dreamers, and the go-getters of the world. Say Never Energy Drink is not just a beverage; it’s a symbol of empowerment, a companion for those who dare to be different. The launch strengthens & complements the overall product portfolio for NourishCo and through this we are celebrating the heroes who carve their own paths. This affordable caffeine-based energy drink is for the young masses and with this we are here to fuel their journey.” 

In the initial phase of the launch, Say Never Energy Drink will be available at retail outlets in Karnataka and North markets, priced at just Rs. 10. 

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