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Too Yumm! collaborates with Marvel to launch a range of tasty & healthy snacks

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Too Yumm!, a snack brand from Guiltfree Industries owned by the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, has collaborated with Marvel to launch a range of healthy snacks. This special collaboration seamlessly blends Marvel’s unparalleled storytelling and fan-favourite characters with Too Yumm!’s expertise in innovation. Too Yumm! aims to provide consumers a delightful and unmatched snacking experience. The new range of snacks features the iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther, across four products: Rings, XOXO, Kraze and Puffs.

To launch the new range, the brand has taken a musical approach for its new digital campaign: #TooGalbandi #FindYourToo. In collaboration with music management company Hoopr, the foot-tapping song emphasizes the message of ‘Jaise bhi ho tum, usme thoda TOO milaao aur apne hero ko jagaao’, thereby encouraging consumers to “FIND YOUR TOO” by tapping into their inner hero. The range is designed to capture the hearts of Marvel fans in India and highlight the strength, courage and determination of Marvel’s Avengers. The campaign aims to encourage Marvel fans take inspiration from these super heroes and inspire them to find their strength and power.

Too Yumm! has infused innovation and creativity through this new range of snacks – from introducing distinctive flavours and eye-catching packaging, to its evocative shapes and following a digital-first approach. Starring popular young icons like Somansh, Gunjan Sinha, Geet Kaur and Aneesh Tattikota to lend their star power, the campaign provides a relatable touchpoint for young teens.

Commenting on the collaboration and the new launch, Yogesh Tewari, Vice President of Marketing, Guiltfree Industries Ltd. said, “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Marvel, introducing a snack range that resonates with Marvel fans in a fun and engaging way. This new range includes a wide selection of lip-smacking products ranging from Rings, XOXO, Puffs and Kraze. We are announcing the new range with a music video, “Hero Ko Jagao” which adds an extra layer of joy to the experience, encouraging young teens to embrace their uniqueness and discover the hero within. With this new range inspired by iconic Marvel characters, we’re excited to make snacking time a joyous occasion for our consumers.”

Meghna Mittal, Co-founder of Hoopr & Songfest added, “We’re excited to partner with Too Yumm! on a campaign that brings to the foray our expertise in music along with the vast creator and artist network. As a music and content focused company, Songfest approached the song and the music video with a view towards capturing the spirit of Too Yumm and helping the brand connect with its target audience. We’re proud of having seen this to fruition. Somewhere, we all found our “TOO”. Additionally, what also resonates with us is Too Yumm!’s spirit of innovation and commitment to a quality product.”

Too Yumm! promises a guilt-free snacking option offering 45%- 60% less saturated fat. The campaign aims to establish a strong connection with its tasty, healthy, and innovative offerings that are astonishingly and irresistibly delectable.

Too Yumm! has implemented a holistic digital-first strategy, utilizing a wide range of platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook to connect with its audience via its preferred channels, including influencer collaborations. The brand’s new music “Hero Ko Jagao” will be distributed on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk, and more, ensuring the catchy Too Yumm! tunes reach a broad audience.

The new range of snacks is inspired by the iconic Marvel Super Heroes, and a testament to the innovative spirit of Too Yumm! and Hoopr.

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