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Valsoia Wins Plant-Based Taste Award

by Food Drinks Innovation

Valsoia, Italy’s pioneer of plant-based products, has won this year’s Plant-Based Taste Award for ice cream with its delicious Triple pistachio mini stick.

Valsoia’s Triple pistachio mini stick came out on top, with another one of its products, Chocolate Swirl & Chocolate Chips Cookie coming in second place.

The undisputed number one plant-based gelato brand in Italy, Valsoia’s plant-based gelato is aimed not just at vegans and vegetarians, but anyone who enjoys healthy plant-based indulgence differentiating the creamy and softer taste of gelato which sets it apart from regular ice cream.

Valsoia creates its range of plant-based products from its own production facility and R&D centre in Italy, where it crafts its velvety gelato thanks to expertly selected cashews, oats, rice, and soy, providing the perfect canvas for a rich and decadent flavour experience.

Andrea Panzani, CEO at Valsoia comments; “This is our first year at the Plant Based Expo Europe, so taking home two awards for our gelato is a real honour. We have our sights set on expanding and growing Valsoia in the UK market, so having our gelato judged and deemed to be the best confirms it delivers on the uncompromised taste and texture that people expect”.

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