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Winni Launches Premium Line of Chocolates

by Food Drinks Innovation

Winni Launches Premium Line Of Chocolates Aims to Fulfill Aspirational Demands of Tier 2 & Tier 3 Consumers With Healthier Snacking Choices

India’s second largest online gifting platform, admired for its wide range of curated gifting products including cakes, flowers & and customized gifts for every occasion and relationship, has launched its premium range of chocolates to fulfill the massive demand it has experienced in the last 5 years in tier-2 & tier-3 cities.

Winni has sold Rs 75 Cr worth of chocolates in the last 5 years which the sale from tier 2, and tier 3 has accounted for a total of 55% (40% from tier 2 & 15% from tier 3) which has surprisingly surpassed the tier 1 cities (40%). Although the chocolate market in India has been growing at a 8-9% YoY rate, Winni has experienced 100% growth in chocolate sales in the last 3 years on its online platform and also at the retail stores.

 Winni is going to offer a premium range of healthier chocolate alternatives by replacing artificial preservatives with natural and organic ones; enhancing the flavours by merging them with spices, fruits, dry fruits, and sweets in Western taste. Winni Chocolates’ premium range will be exclusively available through Winni.in and in over 300+ brand retail outlets in 23 states and 5 UTs.

 Winni’s co-founder & CEO Sujeet Kumar Mishra said,” With the rise in income level of the young aspirational class & the exposure to tier 1 cities lifestyle through social media, we have experienced a significant change in the buying behavior of our customers from tier 2 & tier 3 cities in the last few years. It’s pretty evident that cakes & and chocolates are replacing the traditional ‘Mithai’ (sweets) even in small cities during festivals and the rate of growth in demand is higher than in metros. That’s the reason we have decided to launch a premium range of chocolates that are still not available in tier-2 & and tier-3 cities despite the demand & and purchasing capacity.

He added, “Currently we sell chocolates worth 2.5 Cr every month via our online platform, our network of 300+ retail outlets across the country and other e-retailers, which is 10-12% of our total sale. We are expecting to see reasonable growth in these numbers with the introduction of the new premium range of chocolates which are developed keeping various factors in mind such as the nutrition value, health first approach & the authentic taste. We are coming up with an extended product range where our consumers will have healthy snacking choices such as Protein bars, Yoga bars, seeds and dry fruits coated range of chocolates & and multiple variants of Sugar-Free chocolates.’’

Winni cakes offering a premium range with healthier alternatives aims to capture a larger market share and meet the evolving needs of its customers. Their emphasis on natural ingredients and unique flavours can set them apart from competitors and position them as a preferred choice for premium chocolates.

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