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All set for more diverse coating at higher throughputs

by EzeeProjects01

Global consumer demand for higher volumes, and more diverse convenience food stimulated Marel to develop its new 1000mm Coating Line. The Covid-19 crisis accelerated this process, causing sudden market trends such as increased dining at home and more takeaways. Convenience food is, therefore, even more sought after than ever before. Marel’s new 1000mm modular Coating Line is the best possible solution to fulfill any demand for the widest range of top quality products at high volumes.

More products; more different products; mix and match products; fast-swapping from product type to product type; all these requirements only go to show that today, convenience food processors are challenged to offer greater production flexibility. They are asked to make a multitude of product types, all at higher throughputs than allowed by their existing solutions. Pressure from the market means downward pressure on labor and production costs. In addition, consumers accept only high-quality convenience food on their plates. Processors were having a hard time finding the right coating solutions that could deliver on the promise, fulfilling all requirements. That is until now! Marel’s new 1000mm Coating Line ticks all boxes. Its high-quality coating abilities are unequaled in the market, be it homestyle, tempura, coarse or breadcrumb.

1000mm components
To enable higher throughput, the new 1000mm Active Flour Applicator, Active Batter Applicator and Active Tempura Applicator feature wider belts and more robust, fail-safe designs. These systems lay the perfect foundation for a good-looking end product, thanks to an unrivaled even coverage of both the top and the bottom of the products, virtually without belt marks. The most distinctive components in the new 1000mm line are, however, RevoCrumb and RevoBreader.

RevoCrumb gives supreme control over crumb distribution for accurately coated products. Using a unique crumb-management system, the RevoCrumb separates the coarse from the fine crumb and allows the independent adjustment of both top and bottom layers, ensuring optimum, all-round coverage.

RevoBreader features both flatbed and drum breader modes in one enclosure, allowing a quick and easy switch between homestyle products and standard coated products. The RevoBreader’s unique drum size gives a flaky homestyle texture that is second to none, perfect for both for retail and QSR restaurants.

Your end product is our starting point
When planning a 1000mm Coating Line, it’s vital to start with the end products in mind. Each end product may require its own specific setup. To meet these needs, Marel’s modular 1000mm Coating Line includes various building blocks. By allowing different combinations of modules, this flexible line can create a wide variety of end products. For quick change-overs from one product type to another, modules can be added, taken out or replaced by other modules. The final set-up of a 1000mm Coating Line in a processing plant depends largely on the end product. The double RevoBreader set-up is ideal for bone-in bulk products such as homestyle chicken wings, for example. The first RevoBreader acts as a pre-duster. The pre-dust coating is applied in drum mode and reaches every crevice in ‘wrinkled’ products, such as wings. It distributes bulk product evenly over the belt, avoiding the need for manual labor. An Active Tempura Applicator and a second RevoBreader – this time for dry coating in drum mode – complete the coating process.

Wider range
Changed market conditions caused processors to ask Marel for higher capacity convenience food-producing systems with at least the same coating quality as the 600/700 lines. That is why Marel’s new Coating Line is 1000mm wide, allowing the increased throughput. What is more, coating loss is virtually non-existent and the working environment clean and free from dust, pollution and allergens. Compared to a 700mm line, Marel’s 1000mm line will require a minimum of additional floor space.

Full control
When combined with Marel Convenience Line Software, the Coating Line gives even more control over the coating process. The process depends less on operators and allows data-driven decisions to be made for the achievement of optimal equipment uptime. Data from the processing line is collected and analyzed to give full insight into production. Enhanced process control will significantly reduce potential product recalls and costly customer claims for off-spec products. Once line efficiency has been optimized, processors can then realize their full production potential, thereby increasing profitability.

Full 1000mm Convenience Line
The new 1000mm Coating Line is the final link completing Marel’s full 1000mm Convenience Line. It fits in perfectly with RevoPortioner 1000 and existing 1000mm fryers and ovens. Marel always has a state-of-the-art solution available for the production of burgers, schnitzels, chicken wings, nuggets or popcorn.


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