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Everest Instruments Unveils three Groundbreaking Dairy Solutions

by Food Drinks Innovation

Everest Instruments, a pioneer in innovative dairy and food testing solutions, announces the launch of three revolutionary products. Among the products unveiled is the first FTIR-based Milk Analyser in India. The YAMA milk analyser is the first India-designed Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy analyser, offering rapid and accurate raw milk composition analysis. Capable of determining the fat, SNF and protein content of milk and detecting common adulterants within just 30 seconds, this analyser is set to revolutionise village-level milk collection and bulk milk chilling centres with its affordability and efficiency. The product will also pave the way for import substation since most existing instruments are imported.

The second pioneering product is the Gas Chromatography for Milk Fat Fatty Acids and Triglycerides (Everest GC4500), which provides detailed profiling of fatty acids and triglycerides, crucial for understanding milk, milk products, and ghee quality. With its focus on nutritional value and authenticity, the GC4500 is poised to set new standards in dairy analysis. At present, separate Gas Chromatography machines are used for GC analysis of milk fat for fatty acids analysis and triglycerides analysis. However, Everest Instruments has developed a machine which allows analysis of both fatty acids and triglycerides. This will reduce the expenditure on machines, accessories, installation, and spares. The products were unveiled by Meenesh Shah, Chairman of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), at the 50th Dairy Industry Conference in Hyderabad recently.

Ajit Patel, Chairman & Managing Director of Everest Instruments, said, “We firmly believe that these innovations have the potential to revolutionise the dairy industry, not just in India but also globally. These newly launched products will bring global benefits and we look forward to seeing these advancements improve milk quality and food safety for consumers worldwide. The launch of these products is also a major milestone for us as we celebrate our 25 years in the dairy industry.”

Parimal Patel, Joint Managing Director of Everest Instruments, said, “Our newly introduced products will provide significant benefits to the Indian dairy industry and dairy farmers. We extend our gratitude to our customers for their unwavering trust in us for the past 25 years. We are committed to continuing to innovate and ensure the availability of the best products for the dairy industry.” The third groundbreaking product unveiled by Everest Instruments is the Somatic Cell Analyser, a cutting-edge solution for detecting and counting somatic cells in raw milk, serving as a vital indicator of milk quality and animal udder health.

With a fully automated somatic cell counter, integrated with fluorescence optic and image analysis software, the product determines the precise quality of raw milk, ensuring the highest standards of dairy production, and making it a preferred option in research, dairy farms, dairy industry and veterinary institutes.

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