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Minebea Intec expanded its portfolio of checkweighers with the new Essentus® Performance L combination

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New combined checkweigher: The Essentus® Performance L
Production efficiency and flexibility combined at an attractive price

Strong market demand calls for an appropriate new solution: Minebea Intec, a leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection technologies, has expanded its portfolio of checkweighers with the new Essentus® Performance L combination. The system combines the checkweigher Essentus® Performance L with the metal detector Vistus® in one base frame and with two operator terminals (HMI) – one for weighing and the other for metal detection. The combined system allows customers to check the weight of their products, perform integrity checking, control upstream filling systems and check for foreign objects. Minebea Intec developed this new product in direct response to customer demand. The checkweigher Essentus® Performance L combination is a highly compact and verifiable solution, which also features an optional stainless steel weighing table for the most stringent hygiene requirements.

A highlight for any production line: The checkweigher Essentus® Performance L combination is a re-imagination of one of Minebea Intec’s best-sellers. The checkweigher features the latest strain-gauge technology for precision weight and integrity checking. Its smart features include optional control of upstream filling systems and a range of statistics, which meet all the requirements for production monitoring and data analysis in accordance with the packaged goods regulation. The detailed analyses can be viewed at a glance directly on the operator terminal. The automatic speed adjustment also means the unit can be easily integrated into existing production lines. What’s more, the system couldn’t be easier to use: Learning mode allows staff even with minimal training to set up new products without a problem and guides them through the process step by step.

Minebea Intec’s customers can choose from a range of different conveyor belt lengths, meaning the checkweigher Essentus® Performance L combination can be used for a variety of applications. The L version of the checkweigher Essentus® is ideal for weighing lightweight products up to 6 kg, while the H version is available for heavy products up to 60 kg. Minebea Intec also offers a more affordable version with basic functions for weighing in the form of the checkweigher Essentus® Efficiency.

Maximum detection performance and reliability
By combining the checkweigher Essentus® with the metal detector Vistus®, Minebea Intec can now offer its customers an ultra-compact and highly efficient solution for their production lines. The metal detector Vistus® achieves optimal detection sensitivity under all operating conditions. This means the system can even detect small metal particles like high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminium, lead etc.) in products. The metal detector Vistus® is based on high-quality components and a broad frequency spectrum for optimal detection performance and reliability. Dialogues tailored to different user groups ensure maximum user friendliness. There is also a range of variants and dimensions available for the Vistus® product range, allowing the products to be tailored to specific requirements and applications. For example, the Vistus® metal detection technology also ensures outstanding detection results in the Minebea Intec products Vistus® Pipeline, Vistus® RS and Vistus® Freefall.

Modular system ensures flexible adjustment
The checkweigher Essentus® Performance L combination combines the benefits of checkweighing and metal detection technology in one space-saving system. This means the system can be effortlessly integrated into any production environment, and can handle changing line configurations and fast product changeovers with minimal fuss. The combined system has protection grade IP54, with the option of IP65, which optimally meets hygienic requirements, particularly for wet applications or unpackaged products. The combined solution not only saves customers space, but also money. It’s easy to see why the checkweigher Essentus® Performance L combination is a favourite in production halls. It is the ideal solution for customers who want proven metal detection and checkweighing combined in one system.


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