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Celebrity Sanjay Dutt launches The Glenwalk beverage

by EzeeProjects01

The Glenwalk, a 3-year-old, blended hard-beverage produced in Scotland, is introduced by Sanjay Dutt, a passionate actor with remarkable style and taste.

Sanjay Dutt’s lifelong buddy Mokksh Sani, and his partners were enjoying their evening, he overheard them saying that The Glenwalk Spirit, if brought to India would compete with the national Indian brands and would revolutionize the Indian market. Sanjay was completely amazed when he heard about the launch of a premium product at a competitive price. When Mokksh initially recommended this to me, I was ecstatic! Sanjay Dutt personally enjoyed the blend and said, “This drink is going to lift everyone’s spirits, and I was excited to join hands with them.”

With every sip of The Glenwalk unfolds a tapestry of flavors, unveiling notes of sweet caramel, subtle oak spice and a hint of sweetness. It takes you to an adventure of Scotland, with its breathtaking landscapes and legendary distilleries. This liquid gold dances on your palate, captivating your senses with its smooth and velvety texture. It was created with the finest care and perfection. It is truly an epitome of luxury and indulgence and a monument to the age-old craft of distilling.

Other than Sanjay Dutt, Cartel and Bros, the company that owns The Glenwalk, has 4 other partners. Manesh Sani and Mokksh Sani of Living Liquidz, one of the largest liquor retail chains in India and probably the most known; Jittin S. Merani of Drinq bar academy; and Rohan Nihalani, the owner of Morgan Beverages.

“The Glenwalk is positioned to transform the Indian hard-beverage market and offer the discerning consumers an unmatched experience. Our collaboration has the ability to raise the industry standard offering consumers an exceptional yet accessible scotch. I am confident that The Glenwalk will reinvent the drinking experience for Indian spirit lovers.” says Mokksh Sani.

Glenwalk seeks to enthrall hard-beverage lovers, with its superior blend at accessible pricing. “Sanjay is loved by fans across age groups. Pricing, therefore, was a conscious call to allow a larger group of discerning young consumers to try and the international spirit. We estimate the market size at approximately 14 million cases and are confident of capturing a sizeable market share.” said Manesh Sani.

The company plans to launch the product in their home turf, Mumbai, roll it out in other parts of the state and then expand their footprint across the country. ”Mumbai was the unanimous choice to launch the brand. Post this we will expand our footprint to north, starting with Delhi and Haryana; South with probably Karnataka and Telangana and slowly the other markets. We just want to make sure we execute each market right. Of course, Mr. Dutt’s following is pan and beyond India and we already have inquiries for exporting the brand as well.” comments Rohan Nihalani of Morgan Beverages with delight.

A comprehensive campaign centered around the super star and the brand has been planned by the team, including consumer interaction programs, social media activation, and a number of marketing efforts. “We hope to establish a long-lasting connection with our customers. Through our marketing campaigns, we wish to make friends with them. Consumers are the ones who actually create brands. Jittin Merani says.

“The Glenwalk” stands as a testament to the importance of friendship, the pursuit of passion, and the incredible stories that may be written when cultures collide and goals are realized. It’s a good reminder that the best things in life are often made with love, shared with friends, and savored slowly. Sanjay Dutt continued by saying that the business would introduce new brands, but one at a time, for all Spirit enthusiasts.

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