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FSSAI empowers students with food safety magic boxes in collaboration with national science centre new

by Food Drinks Innovation

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has provided 36 Food Safety ‘Magic Boxes’ to the winning students of the National Science Seminar on Millets with the aim of promoting food safety education among young minds. This initiative, in collaboration with the National Science Centre (NSC), New Delhi, is part of a concerted effort to raise awareness about the importance of millets, food safety practices and foster healthier dietary habits from an early age.

The Food Safety Magic Boxes, meticulously curated by FSSAI, have been distributed to schools coinciding with the National Science Seminar, 2023, held on 12th October, 2023, in response to a request from the National Science Centre and to boost the spirit of International Year of Millets. During the Seminar, 36 winning students from different States and Union Territories of the country participated and engaged in discussions on the topic “Millet – A Superfood or a Diet Fad?” In line with FSSAI’s commitment to ensuring the safety of food, the Food Safety Magic Box facilitates the detection of adulteration in food.

Adulteration detection is a crucial aspect in guaranteeing the safety of the foods we consume. While sophisticated laboratory techniques are accurate, precise and reliable, they can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to develop reliable “quick screening tests” that a common person can perform at the household level, enabling a broad assessment of potential adulteration in their food in cases of doubt. FSSAI is committed to instilling essential knowledge and habits related to food safety in young learners. The Food Safety Magic Box, a delightful educational tool, is designed to ignite curiosity among students and empower them to distinguish between safe and unsafe food. In line with FSSAI’s mission to ensure the safety of the foods we consume, the box is intended to aid in the detection of adulteration in food, addressing a critical concern in food safety.

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