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iD Fresh Food forays into frozen fruit blends in UAE

by EzeeProjects01

Bangalore based company iD Fresh Food, that is known for its range of fresh foods like Idly/Dosa Batter, Parotas, chapatis, curd, and paneer, is now launching Frozen Fruit Blend in UAE.

The fruit blend is launched with 7 different flavours without any preservatives. It is currently available in seven flavours, namely, Mango, Chikoo, Pineapple, Tender Coconut, Strawberry, Grapes, and Guava. As per Musthafa PC, CEO at iD Fresh Food, the brand might launch the fruit blend in India soon. In a LinkedIn post PC mentions, “I love mangoes. I wish I could eat them throughout the year. But since that is not possible, we thought of a product that lets you have shakes and smoothies, or any dessert made with your favourite fruit, any time of the year. Launching the all-natural Frozen Fruit Blend, in 7 different flavours. No artificial agents, no preservatives. People of UAE are the lucky ones now, but hopefully we’ll launch it soon in India too.

” UAE is the largest market for iD Fresh, after India, and it accounts for nearly 30% of the company’s overall revenue. Through this new product, iD is expected to strengthen the brand’s positioning as it continues to expand strategically in the Middle East. It is also the first major brand to enter this segment, as the category has immense possibilities of growth in the future. Commenting on the new product category, PC Musthafa, CEO and Co-founder, iD Fresh Food, said, “At iD Fresh Food, we are constantly exploring new ways to address consumer needs using common sense. That’s our definition of innovation. Given how most of our diets lack fresh fruits, our innovators have brought to you the closest and healthiest alternative to a fresh fruit.iD Frozen Fruit Blend has been prepared meticulously with fresh fruits, without using any preservatives or harmful chemicals to increase its shelf life. Now you can have your favourite shakes and smoothies, with the goodness of nutrient-rich fresh fruits in the most convenient, yet healthy way.”Image:financialexpress

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