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Responsible Whatr Keeps G20 Hydrated!!

by Food Drinks Innovation

* G20 summit 2023 uses Responsible Whatr cans as non-plastic alternative  for water bottles.

*Responsible Whatr’s Notable Milestone: One Million Plastic Bottles Diverted Through Successful Adoption of Aluminium Cans . One million cans sold and counting !

Responsible Whatr a sustainable Indian startup brand, pioneering in  natural spring water beverage packaged in eco-friendly aluminium cans made with more than 70% recycled aluminium,  proudly announces its use in the recently concluded G20 summit via ITC Hotels. As a responsible and sustainable brand, it provided innovative and eco-friendly aluminium cans to cater to the hydration needs of world leaders and delegates attending the summit. This partnership further highlighted Responsible Whatr’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices on a global platform.

It is also thrilled to announce that it has surpassed the remarkable milestone of one million aluminium cans sold through both online and offline distribution channels diverting use of plastic bottlesthrough successful adoption of Aluminium Cans.

Located in Solan in the Himalayas, Responsible Whatr boasts a state-of-the-art facility and a pristine water source. The product’s unparalleled quality stems from its sourcing of water from an untouched, virgin, and entirely natural spring aquifer in the Himalayas, offering naturally balanced essential minerals and a pH of approximately 7.4.

The brand was launched during the global pandemic and had witnessed soaring demand as consumers increasingly prioritise environmentally sustainable options. In response to this surge in popularity, the home-grown start-up is planning an expansion into several new states, including Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Goa, within the next quarter. This expansion will not only create more job opportunities but also support the local economy back in Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

Since its inception on June 5, 2020, in celebration of World Environment Day, Responsible Whatr has been unwavering in its commitment to sustainable practices and aggressive marketing, even during a time when the hotel and tourism industry was severely impacted by the pandemic. Despite the challenging circumstances, the brand achieved a significant milestone by selling 50,000 cans within just 70 days of its product launch, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. The demand for Responsible Whatr has been evenly distributed across retail, online, and HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Cafe) channels, with a strong online presence spanning across India and a physical presence in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Himachal Pradesh.

 Currently, Responsible Whatr is physically available in six states across India. In Delhi, the brand can be found online and the HoReCa segment, including prominent establishments like Like ITC Hotels, Taj Palace, JW Marriott, Grand Hyatt, The Lodhi, The Leela, Holiday inn, etc. Restaurants such as Kampai, Sidecar, My Tea Chapel; Café and Clubs like The Quorum Club, Meta offices (Facebook), Greener etc.

The brand’s online presence is pan-India, and direct online orders through the website have significantly contributed to its growing sales figures, extending its reach to a vast and diverse audience.

“The decision to use aluminium for packaging was a natural choice, as it avoids contributing to landfills and is infinitely recyclable, unlike glass and plastic, which are typically downcycled. In fact, the cans currently in circulation are crafted from 70% recycled aluminium. Furthermore, aluminium cans maintain the water’s freshness even when exposed to light or heat, ensuring that consumers enjoy a consistently refreshing and cold beverage”. Says Ankur Chawla, Founder and CEO, Responsible Whatr.

“Responsible Whatr remains committed to its mission of promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility through its premium natural spring water product. As the brand expands its presence to new regions in India, we anticipate continued success and a growing impact on reducing single-use plastics while delivering a refreshing and environmentally conscious beverage option to consumers.” Bhrigu Seth, Co founder, Responsible Whatr.

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