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Lay’s salutes the unsung heroes of agriculture, women farmers with project farm equal on international women’s day

by Food Drinks Innovation

PepsiCo India’s iconic brand Lay’s, an enduring advocate for Indian agriculture, commemorates International Women’s Day 2024 with the nationwide launch of “Project Farm Equal” in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of its on-going Global Development Alliance (GDA) project. Launched in Uttar Pradesh, “Farm Equal’ goes beyond simply boosting agricultural yields and stands as a powerful testament to Lay’s unwavering dedication to celebrating and supporting the vital role women play in the backbone of India’s agricultural sector.

Recognizing the unique challenges and needs of women in agriculture, Project Farm Equal takes a multi-pronged approach to empower them. It involves the development of women-first tools, ensuring efficiency and comfort in their work. Additionally, dedicated programs assist women in navigating legal and loan systems, providing essential knowledge and support as well as providing information and support on accessing government social support programs. Moreover, comprehensive technical and financial training programs enhance the capabilities of women farmers, enabling informed decisions about their farms and financial matters.

Project Farm Equal recognizes the remarkable contributions of women farmers, many of whom have not only provided relentless support but have also risen to leadership roles in managing farms. Project Farm Equal serves as both a tribute to their indomitable spirit and a catalyst for further empowerment.

This International Women’s Day, as an extension to Project Farm Equal, Lay’s has taken a unique approach to raise awareness and celebrate the achievements of women in agriculture.

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