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NESCAFɮdebuts GOLD ESPRESSO and ICE ROAST instant coffee in the U.S., offering rich variety for every occasion

by Food Drinks Innovation

New offerings provide coffee lovers a reliable, high-quality cup of espresso or iced coffee in an instant

NESCAFÉ®, the world’s largest coffee producer, is answering consumer demand by giving a new generation of coffee lovers even more opportunity to experience the rise in popular espresso-based and cold coffees at home, instantly and effortlessly. Introducing NESCAFÉ® Gold Espresso and NESCAFÉ® Ice Roast to the U.S. portfolio – whether enjoying your coffee first thing in the morning or as an afternoon uplift, steaming hot or ice cold, NESCAFÉ knows preferences are personal and believes everyone deserves a great cup.

Under its global “Make Your World” campaign that aims to drive a more sustainable future for coffee, coffee connoisseurs now have even more delicious, high-quality options to help tackle their daily goals and make a difference, one sip at a time:

  • NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso – Consumption of espresso-based beverages has surged 30% since the pandemic1 and NESCAFÉ’s all-new espresso makes at-home sipping effortless. Straight or Americano-style, NESCAFÉ’s Gold Espresso – available in both Blonde and Intense Roasts – is ready in an instant, no machine needed. Simply scoop, stir and enjoy the velvety smooth taste and café-style crema made from high-quality, responsibly sourced Golden Roasted Arabica Beans.
  • NESCAFÉ Ice Roast – NESCAFÉ’s first-ever cold-liquid-dissolvable coffee is made to be mixed with cold water or milk. Lightly roasted and made from 100% pure and responsibly sourced coffee, this Ice Roast features rich, delicious cocoa notes to ensure a smooth sip. It’s easier (and tastier) than ever for iced coffee fans – including the 57% of Gen Z consumers who are regularly drinking cold coffee beverages2 – to achieve the afternoon uplift while eliminating the need to refrigerate freshly brewed coffee overnight or dilute hot coffee with ice.

“The coffee drinking habits of Americans are ever-changing, but we continue to see a growing demand for espresso-based and cold coffee beverages – alongside an increasing interest in making these café-quality beverages from home,” said Jonathan Iams, Director of NESCAFÉ U.S. Brand Marketing. “NESCAFÉ’s newest products offer bold flavors and convenience, ensuring every coffee lover can make their perfect cup without compromise. This promise is at the heart of the NESCAFÉ brand, as we continually strive to create coffee experiences that reinvigorate and inspire our communities – from our coffee farmers to consumers – to make a positive and sustainable impact in their world.”

NESCAFÉ Gold Espresso (3.5 oz. bottle, equivalent to 50 cups) and Ice Roast (6 oz. bottle, equivalent to 85 cups) are now available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $7.39, prices may vary by retailer.


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